3 Simple uses for Paper Bags with Handles

DATE: Mar, 3   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Paper bags are on the rise again. Plastic bags are widely known as an object to avoid, and supermarkets and businesses are taking actions to reduce their distribution of plastic. Methods for reducing plastic waste include switching to paper bags and other paper products in place of plastic bags and such.

If you buy paper bags for your business you may wonder how they could be useful to people after they’re done using them in store or how you may use them yourself.

  1. Lunch Bags

Paper bags are great for packing lunches in. Brown paper bags are represented globally for children’s lunch bags and they are a sustainable way for packed lunches to be transported from your kitchen to the school kitchen.

Paper bags with handles are specifically great for lunch bags because they are easy to carry and can also fit a lot into them. The bags come in many different sizes so if you often need to pack more things into the bag you can upsize the bag instead of downsizing the lunch.

  1. Upcycle to Gift Bags

A great use for bags with handles is to upcycle them into gift bags. If you already have a lot of these bags lying around and are looking for something to do with them, you can get creative and make them into something useful.

There are many occasions that may call for gift bags – Birthday’s, Holidays’, Mother’s Day and much more. You can then personalise each bag to match the person and occasion you are making it for.

  1. Composting

If you collect waste from your kitchen for composting, paper bags are extremely useful. This is because they can be composted alongside your waste and can therefore save you a lot of time and effort.

Paper bags with handles are extra useful for composting because if your bag is quite full and/or the bag has soaked up residue, you can avoid getting any on your hands.

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