3 things you need to know about printed tissue paper!

DATE: Mar, 3   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

When you are working out the type of packaging to supply to your customers it is often easy to reach for the bog-standard cardboard (which if you don’t need, you can sell at Verdetrader.com) and styrofoam. Whilst this is cost-effective it will not provide that luxury feel that many businesses will be trying to give their customers.

This is where printed tissue paper can come in. Printed tissue paper can be used as a way to provide a bespoke delivery service whilst also getting your brand in front of more customers. Here we share 3 key things you need to know about printed tissue paper when you are thinking about using it for your business.

  • Printed tissue paper comes in different styles and types

The first and frankly best benefit of printed tissue paper is the fact that it comes in so many different styles and colours. This makes it a lot easier when it comes to picking the right colour and style combination for your business. If you are working with an expert designer you will be able to create printed tissue paper that gives your customers what they want. Quality packaging with great design!

  • You can print tissue paper in bulk

Printed tissue paper can be purchased in bulk! This has a number of both cost and efficiency benefits as you often get a reduced rate when ordering in larger quantities and do not have to order them as regularly. Make sure you enquire about bulk order discounts with your printed tissue paper supplier. If you do not ask you don’t get!

  • Printed tissue paper is easy to recycle!

When you order tissue paper for your customers you can rest assured that you are supplying them with a product that they will be able to easily recycle. This is good as no one wants to be sent a load of packaging that they have to chuck away! Having your branding printed on there will also connect you to a good buying experie34nce in the customer’s mind!

Make sure you find a good design to print onto your tissue paper

When you are trying to get the right branding onto your printed tissue paper, always think about the type of design you are going to use. Good quality printed tissue paper manufacturers will give you specifications on the spacing and sizing needed for the design. Always consult with an expert before you make any rash decisions!

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