3 Tips For Making Your Home Planet and Wallet Friendly

DATE: Aug, 8   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Building and owning our own home is a dream many of us share. This undertaking can be an overwhelming one, but the end result is a beauty of an accomplishment worth achieving. It is no surprise, though, that the cost of erecting your own home can be daunting. I have provided some common ways to build with your budget in mind that just happen to be good for you and the planet.

Solar Panels

I understand that when building a house, there has to be a budget that is followed, but with the fact in mind that you plan on living here, likely for the rest of your life, it makes sense to spend the money required to ensure the quality of your new home. One way you can do that is to install solar panels. Over the years, this will supply all your electric needs and the money you will save will more than pay for the panels many times over.


While living in our home, many of us don’t spend much time thinking about the roof and what it’s made of. In the process of building one, however, it truly is the icing on the cake. You should choose a roofing material that is all natural, a good insulator, long lasting, and within your budget, of course. This will, once again, cut down on your electric bill, keep you from spending a lot of money over the long haul for repairs, and some roofing materials can even help you avoid pest problems, as well. So, when you are looking for a suitable residential roofing company, take a look at what materials they offer and how they can help reduce your bills.


After all is said and done, many of us will add trees, flowers, and other plants to beautify the yard. This is a great idea and can often be a lot of fun, especially for the woman of the house, but why not add more purpose to your garden? Plant a few trees near the house that in summer will supply shade for your house cutting the cost of electricity. Then, plant your flower bed in such a way as to act as a natural aquifer. This will not only water your garden for you when it rains, but it will keep your yard from flooding by directing the excess water to a nearby ditch or storm drain.

In today’s world, where there are all kinds of things tearing down the planet we live on, we can take our dream of building or owning a home and be the light leading the way to a cleaner tomorrow. In the process of making our homes a “green” house to live in, we can also construct rivers of cash flow that will forever pay us back for our kindness to the Earth.

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