3 Ways to Make Outdoor Concrete More Interesting

DATE: Jul, 7   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

It’s hard to get excited about concrete. After all, in its plainest form, it’s grey, dull and well… just a tad drab. Yet it doesn’t have to be! Sometimes, all it takes is a dash of creativity and a pinch of inspiration to create something exciting out of plain old concrete. Yes, even that neglected and tired concrete patio of yours could become a unique and inviting feature, with just a little bit of attention. Explore our three ideas below to get inspired.

Stencil on a Pattern

This is an idea you may have seen floating around on Pinterest many times before, but that’s for good reason! Not only is stencilling an effective way to turn your boring old patio into something beautiful but it’s also affordable, fairly easy to do and not too time-consuming. There’s an endless choice of patterns to choose from, so how extravagant you want to be is up to you. However, if you’ve never had a go attempted this idea before, it’s recommended you choose a ready-made stencil, rather than try to make your own. another great thing about stencilling is that you can use it to make concrete look like something else; for example, if you want to give your outdoor space a bit more of a softer, less industrial look, try a wood stencil. For a bohemian vibe try patterned tile, and for a sophisticated modern feel go for an abstract pattern. 

Mix textures

On its own concrete is hard, cold and generally uninviting and therefore can sometimes make your outdoor space appear so too. By adding contrasting, soft textures to your space, you can enhance the look and feel of concrete, transforming an unwelcoming space into a pleasant and comfortable one. Try an outdoor rug for an instant patio lift or some outdoor floor cushions to give the space a more relaxed, bohemian style vibe. A canopy is also a fantastic way to incorporate texture. Try hanging a privacy screen for an even cosier feel; just be sure to choose a good quality fabric such as linen or cotton.

Give it Life

If there’s a concrete feature in your garden that you just don’t like, you may be tempted to cover it up or try to ignore it altogether, but the truth is, if you can’t get rid of the feature, the best thing to do is play it up. Whether it’s a neglected patio, a forgotten water feature or an unwanted outbuilding it’s time to rethink your outdoor décor and stop viewing these features as eyesores. If you’re dealing with concrete that’ has been neglected such as a patio covered in algae growth or an outbuilding covered in cracks and staining, then why not try embracing said flaws? Instead of cleaning up your patio or painting over your outbuilding, try injecting life into your space through the right lighting and decoration. Leave your patio as it is and adorn it with some brightly coloured planters, garden ornaments, stained wood furniture and solar-powered lights. You could also plant some wildflowers to give your outdoor space even more character. For an outbuilding, try adding string lights and decorative outdoor wall features, mirrors are great for rustic gardens and will also help to make your space look bigger. If you have a garden feature that’s seen better days, such as an old fountain or birdbath, give it a new purpose through upcycling. There are hundreds of upcycling ideas out there but the most common and effective seems to be turning old and unwanted features into planters. For something like a birdbath, this could be as simple as adding some potting soil and flowers into its water well.

We hope you enjoyed our concrete renovation ideas!

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