4 CBD Products You Have to Try

DATE: Apr, 4   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

There are dozens of ways to get CBD into your system, and each method comes with its ups and downs. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the active ingredients of cannabis, and has a range of health benefits. Given that every person has different needs and reacts to CBD differently, getting the most benefit out of CBD will require some experimentation.

You will need to try not only different brands but different types of products as well, until you land on an option that works just right for you. The good news is that you don’t have to search far and wide to locate them since different types of CBD products are readily available nowadays. You could simply browse through your options at stores on the web, or go to your local nashville dispensary, should that be where you live. Let’s discuss some of the CBD products you can try out:

1 – CBD Oil

Starting with the most basic option, most people who get into CBD start with CBD oil. Oils are more used by placing drops of it under your tongue. Sublingual application means that the oil will be absorbed through the mucous membrane, which gives CBD direct access into your bloodstream, bypassing the liver.

This results in a faster acting time. In fact, sublingual application is the second-fastest method of CBD consumption, only losing to vaping in speed. The effects of CBD oil last between 3 and 4 hours.

2 – CBD Tinctures

Similarly to oils, tinctures are also placed under the tongue. A tincture is any herbal concoction preserved in an alcohol solution, and CBD tinctures are no different. They often contain hemp plant matter, which leads to an even stronger earthly taste when applied.

3 – CBD Edibles

CBD oil, tinctures, and isolates can be used to infuse all sorts of foods and beverages with the substance. That’s how you end up with CBD chocolate, brownies, gummies, cakes, brownies, pizza, ice cream, jam, and many, many other CBD infused food items but you may be asking How many CBD gummies should I eat? the answer just keep them within a relative amount based on your weight and build.

Edibles come with a wide array of advantages. The most obvious one is the taste. CBD is made out of plant matter and often diluted in seed oil, which lends it a strong earthly taste that stays in your mouth after consumption.

Diluting CBD into foods helps mask the taste. If you cook using CBD isolates, then you won’t taste anything strange at all. Isolates are pure crystallized CBD, and they are odorless and tasteless.

Consuming edibles means you’ll have to digest the food to get the effects of CBD, which leads to a slower acting speed. Edibles can take as long as an hour before they start taking effect. Once the effects start, however, they can last upwards of six hours, depending on the concentration of CBD in the food and other factors.

4 – CBD beauty products

It may sound like CBD face creams and lotions are nonsense, just another way to capitalize on a trend. But there’s actually some reason behind their existence. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties remain in effect when the product is applied to the skin. That helps clear away red spots, treat acne, and help overall rejuvenate the skin. It also doesn’t hurt that hemp is filled with nutrients and minor cannabinoids that help boost and preserve skin health. Bare in mind that CBD creams, lotions, and oils will reach your bloodstream if they are left on your skin long enough. This means you might wake up feeling unusually calm if you sleep with a particularly strong CBD face mask on, for better or worse. If you’d like to learn more ways to take CBD, visit Cibdol.

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