4 Innovative Ways to Build a Brand Using Brand Awareness

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What is worse, customers not trusting the brand or being utterly unaware of it? Companies thrive on the success of a reliable, trusted brand that increases both the customer base and revenue streams. Brand awareness is essential for businesses these days whether using promotional items like coffee cups or unique pens and pencils, to online and internet marketing as well. Without this, how will customers know where or who you are?

Owners of small businesses find it increasingly difficult to build a brand image, especially if they are competing against larger companies with million-dollar marketing campaigns. You can also hire branding agencies like the ones found on this webpage to carry out professional branding strategies. However, if you are planning on doing it yourself, it is imperative to understand a few things about this process.


A brand-building technique should be consistent with the communication and experience it provides to the user. A brand needs to stay true to the image and the fundamental values that the company believes in.

An inconsistent brand does not follow the principles of the company and appears rebellious in nature. The chances of such a strategy working are meagre, which is why brands should always stay consistent with the values of the company.


Innovation is a crucial factor of successful brand management. A brand falls flat, more often than not, if the campaign around it is not creative enough.

Like other aspects of a business, the campaign promoting a brand should be innovative. It should capture the minds of the audience. Lack of innovation is an exercise that kills a brand and leads to the failure of a business.

Another factor that affects the process of brand building is awareness. Awareness is a critical aspect that determines the success of a brand. You can also use awareness to build a brand further and increase its significance.

Many businesses rely on web designing agencies like WebEnertia as they may not have the resources to carry out innovative and creative branding strategies. However, there are small businesses that adopt certain branding techniques that are not too costly:

1. SEO Research

The majority of internet users don’t look past the first page. Therefore, you must have a team of SEO experts that delivers the goods.

Regardless of how hard you work for building a brand, it will fall flat if the brand is not visible to potential clients. Implementing SEO strategies related to the niche that you are targeting will help you increase brand awareness.

The research will set you apart from your competitors as you have knowledge of the consumer expectations and the relevant keywords. You can also use the help of a digital branding agency in London to align the brand according to the search queries of the user.

2. Upgrade Your Packaging Game

Branded packaging leaves a lasting impression on the user. Rather than seeing it as just another shipment, the users consider the product as a gift from the manufacturer.

It is essential to remember that the customer experience does not begin at the time of first use, but rather at the stage of unboxing. How you brand the product and what stories you convey create an emotional connection that might last longer than anything else.

Using branded packaging gives the customers a unique experience and helps them in distinguishing a product from its substitutes. In the ultra-competitive business environment that exists today, you are missing out on a golden opportunity by not properly packaging the product.

3. Get Influencers to Display the Product

Using influencers to review the product is a great way to increase brand awareness. Successful influencers can relay your product to a broader audience to generate sales and build the brand. Since fans and followers of the influencers trust them, they will trust your brand too.

You can also get the influencer to discuss the brand in the content and mention the product giving honest reviews. This will lead to brand awareness as people will learn more about your brand from a trusted source.

You can use different types of influencers to build the image of your brand. Working with Instagram photographers and celebrities, depending on the image you want to develop and the campaign you want them to lead, is a good idea.

4. Form Partnerships with Other Brands

Partnering with similar brands is another strategy that brands use to build a successful image for themselves. Not only does the plan allow you to introduce your business to a new audience, but it also strengthens the perception of your brand.

A strong partnership means that you can benefit from the success of the other brand. Get a website designed in the name of the campaign. The two of you are leading and collaborate on exclusive lines of partnership.

When looking for a partnership, you should make sure that the move is essential for the expansion of your business. Collaboration between pottery barn and a paint company is an example of a good partnership.

You can take the help of another brand to promote yours and fill in the loopholes of your brand-building strategy.


Brand awareness is all about ensuring the customers are thinking about you when they imagine a specific product category. However, you need to ensure the customers have a positive impression about you and your brand.

You can add to the awareness levels by being authentic and raising the bar of the customer service that you offer. You can also consider engaging with the customers through social media by inviting audiences to seminars and workshops and seeking help from like-minded brands.

At the end of the day, all your efforts should lead to building the brand while creating positive awareness about it.

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Richard Kearsey is a digital designer at Emerald Colour – a leading exhibition stand designer in London that offers various services, like website design, animation, SEO, etc. He loves creativity and enjoys experimenting with various design techniques for both web and print. He also enjoys sharing his thought on latest design trends and upcoming marketing ideas.

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