4 Reasons to Choose Terry Lifts as Your Lift Provider

DATE: Feb, 2   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

If you need to have a lift installed, whether for personal use at home or to allow greater accessibility to employees or customers at your place of work, you’ll want to make sure that you’re in safe hands. Using a lift company that has a reputation for shoddy installations and corner-cutting is a sure-fire way to cause injury.

Terry Lifts is an experienced lift-installation company that can provide you with a solution to any lift-related need. Whether you need a completely new lift or a modernizing update to an existing lift, here are four reasons why you should consider Terry Lifts as your lift service provider.

1.    A Wealth of Experience

Terry Lifts has been operating since 1948, giving it over 50 years of lift-installation experience. With an extensive network of distributors operating across the globe, the company has installed or improved lifts in countries spanning five continents. The company provides case studies and testimonials to allow potential new clients to see for themselves the positive impact that a Terry Lifts installation could have on their lives. With so many satisfied customers, you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

2.    High Safety Standards

When it comes to lift installation and maintenance, safety is paramount. Terry Lifts uses a rigorous testing process to make sure that its lifts adhere to safety standards – in fact, the company is actively involved in formulating lift safety policies, working directly with national governments and the Lift and Escalator Industry Association to establish lift safety standards across Europe. The company’s adherence to stringent safety measures gives customers peace of mind and the confidence to know that they are receiving a high-quality service.

3.    An Aftercare Commitment

Terry Lifts is proud not only of the quality of its lift installation but also of its commitment to providing thorough aftercare to its customers. Since it is all too easy to neglect the maintenance of a lift, the firm offers an extended warranty package that includes an annual service. Thanks to its large number of qualified engineers working around the UK, Terry Lifts is also able to offer emergency out-of-hours assistance, so in the unlikely event that something does go wrong, you can rest assured that things will be up and running again soon.

4.    Environmental Credentials

Nowadays, everyone is aware of the need to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible, and Terry Lifts works hard to do so. They comply with the International Standardization Society’s requirements for environmental management, which, in layman’s terms, means that they meet a set of international standards for acting sustainably. Selecting a company with a framework in place to manage its environmental impact is an easy way to make sure that your home or business is as green as possible.

The Clear Choice

With its impressive experience and safety credentials, its commitment to sustainability, and its thorough aftercare provision, Terry Lifts is an excellent solution for any lift needs. What’s more, the company offers a wide range of lift services. Whether you need a stairlift, a platform lift, or a goods and passenger lift, Terry Lifts can meet and surpass your requirements.

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