4 Ways to Go Paperless And Make Your Business Green

DATE: Apr, 4   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

For numerous businesses, going paperless looks like a burdensome task. But this isn’t as daunting as it first appears. Thousands of companies are changing the traditional paper workflow to an innovative, new process of working without paper every week. As companies become increasingly reliant on digital communication, we have the era of the paperless office upon us. Going paperless not only saves paper but also reduces search time with PDFs and online archives. Workload stress is lowered as paper can create clutter, while offices are cleaner with less paper and more desk space.

In this article, we will explain a few ways that you can use to go paperless and make your business green.

Implement paperless document archives

Usually known as the Cloud, cloud-storage solutions enable businesses to use IT resources through a model of pay as you go, which optimizes expenses while improving computation infrastructure as needed. Paperless document storage enables you to securely save and backup crucial documents.

Gmail, Hangouts and Google Drive are Google’s user-friendly paperless processes that can help a company digitalize its operations. Managing a business project by using cloud-based solutions offers numerous advantages while being free and available online. It reduces paper use while enabling you to share data with customers and employees without the costs of faxing services. There is also added protection and complete control over the document access.

Digitalized payrolls

In the last few years, paychecks were a standard when talking about paying your employees. Although efficient in the past, the necessary time and money for it to run smoothly have increased. Digitalized payrolls save you cash over traditional paper checks, either in the costs of postage and papers or in the time used for printing them and passing them out. The more employees you have, the bigger the costs. And if checks are lost, reissued or voided, that cost gets even larger.

If you are thinking about going paperless, reliable employee income cards can digitalize and automate your entire payroll process. It is cheap to offer an income card option to workers while you get a big advantage as opposed to handing out their salary via paychecks. Employees have fast access to their salaries and there are no added costs of wasted paper checks. The whole process becomes more seamless and convenient as income cards process money instantly.

Use paperless services

Change your office workflow as much as you like, but a simple fact remains. It doesn’t matter that you use the latest software, shut down the fax machine and store all your files on the Cloud, if you still receive physical documentation from third parties, there is still the accumulation of unnecessary paper.

You need to make sure that paper doesn’t end up at your front door if you want to truly become a green business. Various institutions, banks and companies offer paperless alternatives, and if you just asked them, many of them would probably allow it and submit documentation to your business in a digital format.

Employee leave tracking

Leave management. It’s part of the job for your organization’s line managers, but that doesn’t mean it’s an ‘everyday,’ easy-to-manage part of the job. Managing employees’ leave, however large or small your organisation, can be stressful. From vacation leave to sick leave, study leave, bereavement leave, and maternity leave, keeping track of employees’ different leave requests call on a manager’s planning skills to take action. A good Leave Management System can automate the leave request process, making it hassle-free for both the management and the employees.”

Utilize electronic communication

This one is easier – you go paperless via computers and emails. Emails allow quicker communication than sending papers, and there is usually a faster response from the recipient. All communication also gets archived in a digital format. Text messages as memos are also popular, and you can always reduce paper waste via paperless billing for overhead costs.

Going paperless brings benefits in the department of file sharing with employees and clients, increased security as digital documents are stored on off-site servers and are only accessible by authorized users, and improved productivity as workers spend less time handling and printing documents. Search for ways to make your office paperless and your business green, and in the end, you may just save the planet while running a successful company at the same time.

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