We like to offer our advertisers something a little different than most. As a green business, we strive to create viable advertising campaigns with a strong focus on sustainability. Rather than just shout about your products or services, we will identify your strengths, highlight your environmental efforts and package your ad accordingly.

The Trust of Our Readers Matters

Our 19’000 unique monthly website visitors value the environment and ethical and sustainable business practices. It is important to us to solely provide them with relevant information, and our choice of advertisers reflects this approach. Though we do not exclude companies, we do challenge our advertisers to put forward their “green strength” so that we can build an advertising campaign around these strengths.

We love supporting companies who truly believe in making positive contributions and gladly have them share in our success. Our readers trust us to act ethically and rely on us to solely publish ads by companies that share our dreams of creating a more sustainable world.

Sustainable Advertising

Sustainable advertising is somewhat of a little-known term, however, it defines advertising practices with minimal environmental impact. Thankfully, the internet has greatly reduced the use of paper and ink in advertising, as an ever increasing number of businesses opt for online advertising. Though even online advertising uses the earth’s resources, the impact is greatly reduced.

Highlighting Your Green Efforts

We ask our advertisers to outline their environmental efforts to highlight them in their campaigns on this website. We want to tell our readers what your business is doing for the planet. This way, the trust we have built with our readers will expand out to you, gaining you an instant 19’000 potential new customers each month.

Perfect for Sustainable Technology Businesses

If your business provides products or services supporting greener lifestyles and business practices, your ad will do exceedingly well on this website. Our readers care passionately about the environment and value each and every company working toward the same goals.

Competitive Rates – Professional Service

Because we hope to build long-term relationships with our advertisers, we provide professional advertising services at excellent rates. We do not cut corners or ask you to do all the work. On the contrary, once we have identified your strengths and determined your campaign objectives, we tailor a campaign accordingly. Our aim is to strengthen your company’s image, increase your visibility, and optimise the number of people availing of your products and services.

So far, all of our advertisers have gained far more than they had hoped, simply because we work hard and know what works.

Simple Process

You will only need to invest time initially when we jointly identify your strengths and you set campaign targets. We then proceed to select a campaign duration and you choose the location for your ad. Throughout this process, we make our expertise available to you, tell you what approach works best and collaborate in finalising all the details.

You can then sit back and relax while we design and publish your ad. Throughout the campaign, we use all the latest website analysis tools and furnish you with all the numbers.

If you wish, we can integrate a social media campaign or help you to create a viable call for action.

We will maximise your return on investment by evaluating the performance of your ad throughout the campaign and making changes if the need ever arises.

How to Proceed

Please email us at and tell us all about you. We will send you an information package, outlining the different options. A couple of days later, I will get in touch with you to see if you’d like to have a serious discussion about a campaign on our website.

We like what we do and we like to highlight the good work of others. Let us do just that for you, and your business.