Air cargo: faster, deeper, greater

DATE: Mar, 3   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

It took several thousand years to make it possible for cargo transportations to be so quick, long-distance and affordable for everyone nowadays. For the moment, international delivery is an important component of literally every day for each of us – whether it is a small package delivery from a third-party online store or tons of cargo for a multi-thousandth corporation.

The relevance and profitability are obvious, which is why many carriers worldwide are starting their own international logistics business (learn more about this at SAC Start). The logistics sector service has changed a lot in recent years – no lack of competition has the upper hand and pays attention to previously empty niches like insurance, customs clearance of goods, transport certifications preparation, store management, etc. Recently, you may even have noticed that many law firms (for example, Sidley Austin) tend to provide logistics firms with the best legal strategies in the areas of finance, environmental, labor, international trade, and employment practices.

The development of the roads, motorways and railways has changed the way people think about the world around them. The uprise of air transport made it possible in less than a day to deliver cargo from one continent to another.

Regarding cargo transportation, we should face the truth: air transport is undoubtedly the most efficient and cross-functional among other vehicles. It is preferred when it becomes urgent to transport high-ticket items (like antiques, jewelry, etc.) and in the case of urgency and hard-to-reach regions (for example, humanitarian aid, medical supplies).