Are there health and safety jobs around in Scotland?

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When deciding on a career there are a number of factors that come into play. Aside from the industry and job role that you choose, another key decision is the location. For those of you who are looking to build your health and safety career towards the northern parts of the UK, you may want to know if there are health and safety jobs in Scotland.

It is important to consider whether a career in health and safety is a good choice and whether there will be jobs available in Scotland.

Is health and safety a good career?

A big bonus of working within health and safety is that due to the nature of the industry, every business regardless of their size requires an employee or team of employees to manage the risks and legislation associated with health and safety. This means that there is always going to be a demand for qualified health and safety professionals, including in Scotland.

Working in health and safety is a rewarding job, it allows you to have a big impact on the company that you are working for. For health and safety purposes you could, if needed, completely remodel a businesses working methods and processes. In addition to this knowing that the other employees are as protected as possible whilst at work and even reduce the number of accidents that happen every year.

Aside from the guaranteed abundance of health and safety job vacancies in Scotland and job satisfaction, the industry is well-known for the career progression and opportunities of promotion available. There is the opportunity to begin at entry level jobs such as trainees or health and safety advisors and work your way up to manager or even health and safety director roles.

Is Scotland a good place for health and safety jobs?

As previously discussed, there are a wealth of health and safety jobs in Scotland, all over the UK and further afield. With regards to health and safety organisations, where you could begin looking for a potential role there are a number of options in Scotland:


The Health and Safety Executive is a government agency in the UK that is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of workplace health and safety. HSE also manages employee welfare within the UK and undertakes regular indepth research into occupational risks within the workplace in the UK. In Scotland, HSE has staff based in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness meaning there are a number of opportunities to work within this organisation in Scotland.

AMC Safety Management Limited

A health and safety consultancy located near Falkirk in Central Scotland, AMC provides a wide range of health and safety consultant services to businesses throughout the whole of Scotland ranging from SMEs to large international organisations. 

Wilson Adrain Safety Management

Wilson Adrain Safety Management provides consultancy and advice to contractors, subcontractors, professional consultants, solicitors and other organisations within the construction industry. Based in Glasgow, Wilson Adrain Safety Management offers practical advice and solutions to prevent injuries within the workplace in Scotland. 

There are a number of health and safety jobs in Scotland, to find the latest opportunities remember to regularly check health and safety job boards.

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