Best Stock Trading Apps for iPhone of 2020

DATE: Jun, 6   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

The days of having to go to Wall Street and shout to screens with numbers and lines is in the past – nowadays, thankfully, stock trading has become much easier and more accessible to the regular Joe. Not only is this business increasing as an industry, with a lot of companies understanding that and creating services that didn’t really exist a decade ago, but it’s also becoming a very popular money-making hobby. That is why people are searching for the best online brokerage and brokers for what they need, so they can be assured they are making the right choices for their finances.

Now, on the second path, working with user-friendly platforms that allow you to dive in, head first, in the stock trading world, even though you might not know anything about it, is of the utmost importance. This is where one of the most important business rules enters – if you don’t adapt to the finance, technological and social world surrounding you, you’re a thing of the past. That’s why most stock trading companies started by making two big leaps: firstly, and due to what we previously mentioned about it becoming a hobby for amateurs, they created easy-to-use, informative and pretty accessible stock trading platforms. Secondly, and due to the smartphone boom in the last decade, they have created apps that allow you to manage your finances and investments on the go.

Similarly, crypto is another growing investment platform that can take over the market. So, various platforms have started selling cryptocurrencies as well as providing crypto-wallets with utmost digital security to manage these assets. These websites (similar to could also provide crypto-wallet apps to buy, sell, and store digital currencies on mobile phones.

Lastly, and because in the USA almost half of smartphone users have a iPhone (45.4%), it made sense to us to create a quick guide on the best stock trading apps for iPhone, on the market, of this year. Again, this is just a quick guide, so if you want a more detailed and complex handbook on this kind of App, check out


Even though it might be more popular in Europe, if you live in the USA, Plus500 is also a great choice to add to your iPhone home screen. They launched in 2008 and, since then, have become one of the biggest sharks in the stock trading world, creating one of the best and most efficient apps in the sector.

Alright, let’s dive in to the benefits! First, and probably it’s nicest feature, they offer a straightforward, reliable service, with no small letters at the end of the contract to screw you over. Add that to high sign-up bonuses and low fees and we’re off to a great start! It doesn’t matter if you want to work with classic stocks, commodities, forex or cryptocurrencies, they’ve got it all – in 32 different languages!

Being an App, it offers you all the great features of a desktop platform, on the go, so you can check out real-time updates, charting, automatic orders and quick trades, all while having a nice dinner with your lady (just make sure she doesn’t get too upset!). Lastly, if you’re new on the game, be sure to take advantage of its high quality customer support, whenever you need it.

IQ Options

Does the features stunning interface, excellent service, innovative ideas and low minimum account deposits ($10) stay up on your priority list? If so, IQ Options might be the best App for you! Created a bit later than the last one (2013), they started as just offering binary options, but realized that they could do much more and today they also offer commodities, forex, stock trading, cryptocurrency and more!

If you talk with someone who uses IQ Options the first thing they’ll probably praise is the community, as you’re able to talk with other users and brokers, trading opinions and tips about the market, as well as enter competitions and win big prizes! Besides that, and in more technical terms, there are real-time updates, a variety of investment instruments, instructional videos, and much more, making it one of the best trading experiences of the moment.

IG Markets

The IG stands for “Investor’s Gold”, so we know from the start that this can become a gold mine for investors all around the world. Not only are we talking about the oldest and most well established broker in the business, but one that has been able to adapt to the constant technological, financial and social change. Even though it was founded in 1974, nothing about this app says “outdated” or “old”.

Available worldwide, you start by opening an account with a $250 minimum deposit, even though it comes with a nice sign-up bonus. Then, you can take advantage of a sleek interface and amazingly low fees and invest in the previously mentioned markets (stocks, crypto, commodities, etc…)

Be on your desktop on your iPhone, the system is pretty easy-to-use, straightforward and overall efficient. They have been in the business for a long time, so they’re able to work with more green investors, as well as the bigger sharks, at the same time. In general, you’ll notice a very professional app, service and team, ensuring you have the best and most comfortable experience while trading!

AVA Trade

Last, but not least, there’s AVA Trade. Licensed in 5 continents, it has been expanding since 2006 and has reached a point where it can be considered as the cream of the crop, regarding stock trading apps.

Not only does it have most of the benefits of the last 3, but it wins big in one specific aspect. You can link any of the classic trading platforms, like MetaTrader and DupliTrade, with its service – excellent for the veterans who don’t really enjoy breaking habits. Be CFD’s, forex, crypto and others, its user-friendly design and instructions guides allow you to easily and effortlessly make the best choices in what to invest in. Add that to low fees, and the $100 minimum deposit won’t really make a difference!

Lastly, AVA Trade likes to get behind two concepts: safety and velocity. This way, you can make sure you invest in the right time, while knowing your transactions are as safe as they can be.

What Are You Waiting For?

Hopefully, this article has given you the information you need, but in the end, the choice is yours. That’s why the best advice we can give you is to test the waters with 3 or 4 different ones. Invest some money, (some even let you practice with fake money) play around and feel how comfortable you can get. Then, you can make a thoughtful decision knowing, whichever one you choose, you’ll be getting closer to some nice vacations on a beach-side resort.

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