Best Ways to Go Green and Save Money

DATE: May, 5   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

We all like to do our bit for the environment, even big corporations are now making the effort. While this might indeed be a very noble endeavor, your business can actually save quite a lot of money by going green. Beyond that, if you use your green streak wisely, you can also turn it into a valuable marketing tool. It’s definitely a win-win!

Let’s take a look at some easy ways to go green and save money.

Use Recycled Materials Wherever Possible and Reduce Packaging

Try and source recycled materials wherever possible, particularly for all your paper and packaging needs. Make sure to choose PWC paper, the only 100% recycled variety. If you produce and supply products try to reduce the amount of packaging. Cardboard boxes and plastic containers are very expensive and by reducing the use thereof, your per-unit price can be greatly reduced. Try to minimise on printing costs by going completely digital and making even further savings.

Check Your Equipment’s Energy Efficiency

Though energy efficient equipment may seem considerably more expensive, it’s certainly worth it in the long run. Over the course of a couple of years, you will have recouped the extra cost and will be on the pig’s back, both in terms of your savings and in terms of the environment. Even simple changes like using energy efficient light bulbs can make a difference.

Energy Audit

Hire a company to do an energy audit. They will identify areas where you are losing and wasting energy and provide you with relevant solutions. Once your premises are energy tight, your power bills will be considerably lower.

Choose Green Power

There always a number of energy providers to choose from, pick the greenest.

Use Public Transport, Cycle and Choose Green Logistics

Where possible, leave your car at home. Entice your employees to do likewise or encourage them to cycle to work. If you distribute products, thoroughly check the environmental practices of the transport and distribution companies you work with. Choose the greenest and leanest and make more savings.

Choose Biodegradable Where Possible

Small stuff like detergents, tissue paper, printer ink, catering supplies and beyond are these days available in a biodegradable version. Choose it and save.

Avoid Disposable Products

Often people will opt for disposable products because they seem cheaper in the short term and, of course, for their convenience. Products like disposable razors accumulate to a much greater cost and are rarely recycled because people are unsure how to dispose of the sharp razors inside them. Using a straight razor or a safety razor is far more cost-effective, and friendlier to the environment. Check out for more information on why you should switch to a permanent solution.

Pre-Loved Everything

From appliances, to office furniture, cars and much more, if you have the option of buying a used or recondition version, do. Your office can look great with vintage furniture and there is nothing wrong with buying reconditioned equipment at a much reduced price.

Green Web Hosting

A number of web hosting companies make environmental efforts by using renewable energy, running zero carbon footprint services, or even planting trees. They do not charge more than other hosting companies and it’s nice to support these kinds of businesses. Before starting the discussion, you can gain more knowledge about web hosting. For instance, as a company, if you are dealing with Linux computer systems, then you may require complete knowledge of the particulars, starting from the range of commands, identifying active ports, databases, Linux tools, and more. Those interested in learning more about Linux essentials might want to check out resource pages like the ones at Linode.

Personal Use

When you have done all the above at work, do the same at home and get your colleagues and employees to do likewise. For one day, just observe your use of the world’s resources, your contribution to pollution, and identify areas where changes can easily be made. This requires just a little thought and effort, however, if everyone does it, it would make an enormous difference.

Going Green, Saving Money and Raising Awareness

Share your “going green experiences” on your website, and put out a call to action to all your customers. Everyone is going to be interested in saving money, most people would like to live more sustainably and all of us want to see the long-term survival of our beloved planet.

If everyone makes a few minor changes the world could become a even just a little greener.

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