Breaking into the Inner-Circle of the Business Establishment

DATE: Jul, 7   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Look, we’re not in the business of entertaining baseless conspiracy theories here, but at times when we shine the spotlight into the deepest and darkest corners of the elements which drive our society then the truth that emerges often feels like we’ve uncovered some kind of conspiracy. Organisations such as ours are often painted as conspiracy-theory nuts by self-appointed gatekeepers of the Establishment’s control mechanisms, which of course makes the job of the Establishment easier in maintaining an air of anonymity to the manner in which it conducts its business dealings.

So, as an individual who harbours some business success ambitions of your own, how do you break into its inner-circles?

The Establishment isn’t necessarily all-bad

So it’s perhaps pertinent to discuss exactly what the Establishment is in order for us to address it accurately. It’s NOT some spirit-worshipping occult that draws its global-reaching success in business from some cult-like ceremonies and structures. Rather, it’s just the coming together of individuals and organisations to essentially share the business they manage to get out of the masses among themselves. That’s why the term “networking” exists.

So, even though there are definitely some unfair and anti-competitive elements that form part of how the Establishment operates, it isn’t all bad, especially if you think about it from the point of view of it not existing as a singular entity, but rather as a common term for the many different business groups that exist.

The fight-back

Unfortunately there are plenty of examples of how the Business Establishment can be a rather dark force whose sole focus is profits above everything else, so there is indeed a need for some kind of fight-back. The fight-back is spear-headed by the likes of family-run, neighbourhood bakeries and coffee shops which seek to keep a little bit of business away from the biggest chain organisations that swallow up everything in their wake, but it is also quite tactfully led by simple platforms which allow you, as an aspiring real estate entrepreneur, to get help with your real estate test. This way the power to gain entry into markets which are otherwise the stronghold of the Business Establishment is distributed among those individuals who are equally hungry for some of their own financial and career success.

Why you have to spend a bit of money

The reason why it costs a bit of money to benefit from the tools offered by those organisations and individuals leading the fight-back is simply because the platforms over which they’re deploying this fight-back cost money to maintain and operate. It’s always a reasonable amount of money though and never anything over the top.

The key to success – networking

We can all take a leaf out of the book of the Business Establishment whose inner-circles we’re trying to break into and doing so reveals networking as the key to success. Basically you need to find a few people who have the same goals as you do and then pursue those goals via some joint business endeavours.

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