COVID-19 Temporary Emergency Space

DATE: Jan, 1   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

With the coming of COVID-19, businesses have had to get extra space to provide room for social distancing as advised by the WHO to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Office spaces have become inadequate to accommodate all staff with the new spacing directives. As such, some companies have had to ask a part of their team to work from home. Some businesses have also resorted to rotational working where a few employees work in a shift, leaves, and the next lot gets in after fumigation of the premises.

However, there has been a need for more space in some cases, like for schools, eateries, and other establishments to allow full-scale operations. The challenge has been the cost of putting up new buildings or renting extra space, among others. Luckily, temporary building solutions save the day because they are affordable and quick to install yet serve the same purpose as permanent structures.

Just like how pharmacists have had to adapt and look at different incubators and different PPE and different testing methods, offices have also had to adapt. Here are some of the benefits of COVID-19 temporary emergency spaces:

Allow Fast Installation

With disaster relief, time is of great importance because so much can go wrong, for example heavy business losses due to money invested in equipment, loans to service, and so on. The good news is that temporary structures can allow the business to have extra space for working within a few weeks. This mitigates the losses that could occur due to closure for a more extended period. In the case of learning institutions, space is needed for continued learning and execution of other activities like sports and laboratory tests or research in libraries and computer complexes.

Temporary buildings allow those institutions to resume carrying on with their activities in full scale, thus not interfere with the learning calendar. School managers and others in the education sector can learn more about how Smart Space, the UK’s leading temporary buildings provider, helped save a Sherburn High School situation. The school has a student population of 750 and had a disastrous fire in its sports hall. Smart Space helped put up a temporary in a few days during the summer break, even with so many complications and enabled normal operations. The company offers space solutions for other industries, too.

Easy to Add More Buildings

Temporary buildings allow the addition of extra space in places that permanent structures may not be erected. It could be between buildings and other hard-to-access areas, but you can still install temporary buildings. For example, in Sherburn High School, some complications like new gas pipes, protected trees, and new access roads to the location posed problems to the construction of a new structure. Fortunately, Smart Space employed their skills and experience to offer a great solution that impressed all users.

Offer versatile building solutions

Businesses can put the temporary buildings to many uses, including offices, classrooms, dining hall or cafeterias, sport complexes, students’ hostels, etc. The manufacturers install all of the necessary amenities as they put up these buildings allowing easy response to disasters like the COVID-19 epidemic. The providers can include internet cabling, electric wiring, water piping, and even washrooms, and other necessary facilities for the building’s optimal utilization. What’s more is that they can design specialized use structures like doctor’s offices and treatment rooms and even storage space with cold facilities and other special features.

Save on Costs During Emergencies

Businesses would like to cut their costs at all times, so temporary structures are the best to help. Moreover, during emergencies or unforeseen situations like the COVID-19 epidemic, businesses are caught unprepared and have lost their revenue due to reduced customer flow and other issues, so they are cash strapped. Temporary structures come as big relief thanks to their affordability. The providers like Smart Space also have hired and buy options, which ease the financial burden because the business can hire for a short time, and if they see they many need the structure, they can buy it at a depreciated price.


Temporary structures from leading manufacturers offer excellent space solutions, for example, in situations like the COVID-19 emergency. The buildings are affordable, fast to install, versatile, and easy to add in complicated spaces.

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