Deciding On The Size Of Your Exhibition Stand

DATE: Sep, 9   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

If you attend exhibitions for your company, you will know just how essential they can be to driving business forwards. According to reports, in 2014, the events and exhibitions industry contributed around £11bn to the economy, which shows you how lucrative they can be. If you are interested in attending an event and are looking to plan your exhibition stand, there are certain factors that you will need to consider which will determine how big your display can be.

The Size Of The Event

How big the event is which determines how big your exhibition stand can be, the bigger the event, the more space you will be able to have. If it is a high profile exhibition, then you will want to have an eye-catching display which stands out from your competitors, while smaller events may require a less flashy stand. You will need to find out how much floor space you will have at an event and plan a display accordingly.

Your Overall Budget

How much money you have to spend on your exhibition stand will also play a significant role in how big your stand can be. You will need to find a reputable company such as Aspect Exhibitions UK stand builders, who will be able to listen to your requirements and give you an indication as to how far your budget will stretch. When looking for a contractor to build your exhibition stand, make sure that you shop around and speak to lots of different companies. Doing this will help you to make sure that you find a reliable builder at an affordable cost.

The Size Of Your Crew

Although you may only need a few people to work the stand when the exhibition is on, you will also need to consider setting up before the event and dismantling afterwards. You may need more people to assist with this other than the employees who are attending the event, so available human resources is also a vital consideration.

The Design Of Your Exhibition Stand

The size of the display can also be dictated by what is needed to be included in your exhibition stand. If you require large video displays and lights, you may need to opt for a bigger design. It is important to work through the design carefully during the planning stage and take on board any advice that you receive from the company building your display stand.

These are some of the factors which are going to affect the size of your exhibition stand that you will need to consider. Another important consideration is the user experience, and you will need to take this into account when coming up with the design of your stand. An all singing and dancing display stand with flashing lights and whistles is all well and good, but if you do not manage to interact with the visitors fully, you could have wasted an excellent opportunity. Remember your exhibition stand could be the first contact a potential customer has with your company, so keep the user in mind when planning and designing your display.

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