Design Your House to Be Eco-Friendly

DATE: Jun, 6   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Eco-friendly is one of the buzzwords of the modern era; our planet has been damaged enough by our non-eco-friendly actions, and we are running out of fossil fuels to keep our homes warm. Making a house more ecologically friendly not only shows compassion for the environment, but can also save you money. There are many affordable ways in which you can eco-proof your home, so let’s have a look at the areas you need to consider.

Heating Your Home

In the winter months you need to have heating in the home in order to feel comfortable; like most homes, you probably have wall-mounted radiators, but these are not particularly efficient. Many new homes are now built with super-efficient under-floor heating systems. These can be expensive to fit, but you will recoup the money on saved energy costs.

If that is out of your budget, you should consider updating and upgrading your insulation in the loft space; most of the lost heat escapes through poorly insulated areas, so this is a must if you are to save money.

Why not have a look at smart thermostats? These can be adjusted and controlled from your mobile phone, and many have automatic on and off functions, even going as far as using GSP to see when you are coming home so it can switch on the heating! Gadgets such as this are not expensive, and they do save you money in the long run.

Underfloor heating comes in a variety of forms, so it is worth searching for further information if you are to go down this route.

Eco-Friendly Décor

Did you know that standard house paint is far from ecologically sound? In fact, paint contains many solvents that are damaging to the environment if not disposed of correctly. You should consider your part in the process and use eco-friendly paint, without solvents, as there are many brands now offering such and it is surprisingly effective.

Also, cheap Perspex acrylic kitchen splashbacks, such as the wide variety offered by Cut My Plastic, are a great way of saving money on kitchen decoration, as they are cheap to buy to your required size as well as being very effective.

Efficient Recycling

If you are not currently recycling, you really should be, as landfills are among the most damaging parts of the problem. There are clear guidelines on recycling, and it is a routine you should get into. In the home, you can separate the rubbish that is recyclable and make sure it goes in the correct bin, and at your local rubbish tip, anything you take that cannot be recycled should go in the right skip, which will be clearly marked.

There are many other simple tips you can try: hang thick curtains at doors and windows in the winter to prevent heat escaping; buy a one-cup kettle, as the standard item is one of the least efficient of all appliances; and monitor your water usage – your water company may even fit a meter for free.

Helping the environment is not just good for the world, but for your wallet too, so follow the above tips and you will soon see savings that may surprise you.


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