Despite Environmental Concerns, Nabors Drills On

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For a decade Nabors have been occupied with different drilling operations and projects which have led to technological social benefits in many ways. With an environment-friendly work culture, Nabors have never disappointed the politicians, workers and citizens related to the projects. Nabors operates in around 20 countries and has proved to be one of the best drilling company with talented and hardworking person. Nabors appoints employees over 95 nationalities. There are plenty of jobs available for everyone who wants to be a part of the Nabors.

Nabors own land drilling rigs and the huge number of employees to fulfil the needs. Nabors industries have been recruiting people at large number since 2011, in 2011 Nabors industries appointed 29000 people for the job and have never stopped since then, 27500 in 2012, 29000 in 2013 and so on. Nabors industries create huge employment opportunities every year for eligible people.

Nabors Industries is known as one of the largest drilling contracting firms in the world. The name comes with the huge responsibility of maintaining the same product quality and keeping the customer happy. Every year Nabors industries create a unique record of work efficiency and product quality which attracts customers and hence create new business and employment opportunities for unskilled and skilled personnel. Nabors industries have around 30000 employees at present with good working skills and useful talent. Nabors Industries is specialized in different Fields like land drilling, special rigs, drilling technologies, offshore drilling, rig equipment and directional drilling. All these work fields need talented employees to draw best results.

From truck driver to business analyst, everyone makes good money in the Nabors industries. A truck driver makes $20 every hour and that too without any eligibility criteria other than a driving license. However, certain companies do have certain medical examinations (such as a Keuringarts Rijbewijs which means a medical examination for a driving license) in place for their prospective employees which might prove to be essential in their field of work. Understandably, all companies must be in tandem with the current norms of safety standards and adhere to them. Of course, the company might have a certain recruitment software to find eligible candidares like the one found in, because the demand for skilled drivers is always huge in most industries. A driller makes around $6600 every month with an eligibility of knowledge of the machinery and many more office jobs offer up to $10500 every month but the job comes with responsibility and accountability. Nabors industries have plenty of jobs available for everyone, from an unskilled labourer to a degree holder.

Employees find the place good and friendly with many opportunities to grow. The work condition is good for the office holders while a little messy for the field workers. The drillers, movers and loaders all face the same work conditions at the work field but the workers are paid a good amount of money for the job which covers up the work conditions. From being a truck driver to being a manager, one can make a good fortune in the Nabors industries with talent and hard work. The operational headquarters of the Nabors industries is situated in Houston, Texas, US. Texas also knows it’s rich oil gas reserves made it a prosperous and fast-growing state with job opportunities.

Good jobs in a city lead to a developing infrastructure which more job opportunities in form of hotels, motels, parks and much more. Nabors industries are helping Houston Texas developing different aspects.

If you really want to make good money off your intense labour then there are plenty of jobs available which will help you grow.

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