Different Bingo Types

DATE: Jun, 6   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

If you are not a regular bingo player then you may be forgiven for thinking that all bingo is the same. Whilst the basics of the game are indeed similar the world over, there are some different types of bingo games that have developed over time. These have been influenced by modern society like www.barbadosbingo.com but they all still draw from and are influenced by the history of the game. 

The Birth Of Bingo 

All the bingo games we enjoy now originate from Italy and France. A lottery game that was played in Italy back in 1530 is where bingo was born. It was called Lo Giuoco Lotto Italia and was a very popular game of its time. Elements of this lotto game can still be seen in 90-ball bingo today. Even back then in Italy, players had cards with rows and numbers that were called out and those that matched the corresponding numbers won. The popularity of this game naturally meant that it would catch on else where and by the late 1770s the lotto game began to cross borders and was especially popular in France, where it was named ‘Le Lotto.’ Inevitably, it made its way to the UK and now bingo is an established part of the gambling industry. 

30-Ball Speed Bingo 

Speed bingo is a product of our time. With many people living busy lives and attention spans shrinking, speed bingo appeals to those who want a quick fix.  It’s not common but it can be found online and in land-based bingo venues. Players need to acclimatize to the speed of 30-ball bingo, so if you have more time to spare, then this is not for you. The game cards consist of 9 numbers on a 3×3 grid and there is just one grand prize for the full-house winner. 

75-Ball Bingo 

If you ever get to play bingo in America then this is the version that you will play there. Winning combinations include having a full row of numbers on your card, up, down or diagonally. Some versions of the game allow for different patterns of number sequences to complete rows. The 75-ball bingo card consists of a 5×5 grid with 25 squares. The centre square is left blank whist the others contain 24 numbers. 

80-Ball Bingo 

 80-ball bingo was created especially for online bingo platforms. It has now become one of the most popular versions of the game. To win, a player must mark off a complete row in the pattern shown on the card. 80-ball bingo uses a 4×4 card and winning patterns include 4 corners, single numbers, horizontal lines and vertical lines. 

90-Ball Bingo 

This 90-ball version is the most famous of all the bingo games. It consists of 90 numbers and is suited to both bingo halls and virtual bingo venues. Numbers are displayed randomly across 9 columns, with 5 numbers in each of the 3 rows. The first winner is the player who completes a horizontal row of numbers. The winner of the grand prize on offer must match every single number on the card for a full house.

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