Do Business Pass on their Growth and Development Costs to Customers?

DATE: Feb, 2   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Many businesses which operate physically realise the need to get into e-commerce, but they don’t have the capital to commission their digitisation. So what they do is join forces with other businesses seeking to digitise, making sure of course to partner up and collaborate with those fellow enterprises which are not in direct competition with their own operations. To get more interested players to pay for their infrastructure and apps, companies get better at creating appealing offers for their customers.

Here are the key success factors for e-commerce success:

Utilising video for promotion: Video is among the biggest factors driving sales in today’s market. Use video to promote discounts and gift ideas to help consumers to shop for their nearest and dearest, while helping to increase awareness of your brand and its products. Videos used in business promotions are traditionally played on a TV screen, but these have become increasingly popular on other digital devices such as tablets, mobiles and computers. Today’s business promotions need to be multi-media in nature. There are numerous free and paid-for video applications available on the market to help promote your products and services, although it’s always best to hire a professional video company which can bring your video to life in a visually compelling way.

Focusing on customer needs: Investing time and resources into understanding your customers and helping them to make the right purchasing decisions is a great way to improve the customer experience, and therefore sales. Today’s customer wants their purchases to be personalised and customised, as well as having customer-specific offers and discounts. Even if the companies does not produce its own in-house clothing or furniture, brands should have a clear understanding of what customers are buying from them, and the ‘customer journey’, so that they can have a much better understanding of their customer base and how to achieve their objectives.

Making the purchase process simpler: You should be promoting your brand on your website and through social media, but it should also be very easy for customers to make the purchase they are after. That is, if your products or services are accessible online. Making sure that there are clear and concise checkout options is very important, and for the customers to be able to select the payment method they are comfortable with. Your website should also offer a seamless shopping experience, including handling order inquiries, delivery tracking and even electronic receipts. Once a purchase is confirmed, you can continue to build trust with your customers, offer extra services, and ensure that your brand can provide a great experience and a personal touch.

Creating an online-only offer: Giving your customers an incentive to go online and make the purchase they want to make is one of the most effective ways to increase their interest. You can use an email and SMS text coupon, a discount code, a social media promo which gives the user more value, like the popular deposit 10 play with double or more, in which case then the costs of the marketing aren’t really being passed on to the customer.

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