Do you really need an in-house legal team?

DATE: May, 5   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

For all businesses there comes a point when they need to consult a legal professional, whether that be for writing contracts or for getting to grips with current industry laws. Initially you may seek advice from the internet or a government service, then you may employ an in-house lawyer, but after a period of growth then comes the question “should I get an in-house legal team?”

Whilst hiring an in-house legal team has its benefits, such as constant legal support, you might want to consider another option.

Flexible legal resourcing is something that has grown more popular within the legal sphere over the past few years, as businesses look for ways that they can cut down their overheads and streamline their operations.

What is flexible legal resourcing?

Legal resourcing is a way for businesses to get short-term legal support for specific projects and queries, or even for supporting an in-house legal professional during busy periods or during illness.

This service gives businesses access to experts in various legal fields, without the huge cost of having to hire a whole team of experts. Legal resourcing companies aim to offer a more cost-effective service compared to traditional law firms by offering support on a more flexible and ad-hoc basis.

If you are in need of legal support, their teams will hit the ground running from the start and will get to work assisting you with any problems that you have or with any projects that you need their help on. Due to employing legal experts in various fields and with various backgrounds, there is no task that a resourcing firm cannot assist with.

However, it might be difficult to shortlist one law firm from the numerous options available online. In that case, you might want to look at the official websites of firms like Lawrence Stephens Law. Based on the services they provide; you can decide what matches your company’s needs.

Coming back to the topic of flexible legal resourcing, this solution ultimately offers a more cost-effective way to get legitimate support and takes away much of the hassle or stress of the legal process. The lawyers will help when needed and be gone again once their services are no longer required. As business needs are constantly changing, many businesses both big and small are seeing the advantages of this way of operating, as it takes away the strain of having to employ full teams of legal professionals.

When weighing up your options, take time to consider whether you would benefit more from an in-house legal team or whether legal resourcing might just be the service you need to remain efficient.

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