Doing Business with the Government

DATE: Jun, 6   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

You’ve read the stories about those who do business with the federal government and how they’ve been screwed. You’ve seen the flier and hear about it at the Chamber of Commerce, on Capitol Hill and on the blogs. They tell about how the government makes up the rules and breaks those rules that it has passed. And they’ve broken many rules. Many have broken the law. No doubt, most of the folks mentioned here break the law, although some break it inadvertently and some illegally.

Whether you’ve been given a contract that you didn’t understand or got stuck with some other nasty surprise like a $2 million payment or a fee you didn’t realize or a surprise order, you’re able to break through by asking me how. But breaking through comes at a cost. You will probably end up waiting in line or spending hours on the phone and going in and out of government offices with your hard earned money. You may also end up paying a higher fee and jumping through more hoops, as well. But you won’t be left with a nasty surprise and no payment to prove it.

Getting a Business Up and Running

So, if breaking through is worth the price to make it work, why not do it? Why not break through the government’s barriers? What can be in it for the taxpayer?

In some or other way, every enterprise operating legally or otherwise is in a sense forced to do business with the government. If you’re running a casino, for instance, the reality is that the overseers of the system don’t chip in to help you when you go on marketing drives such as offering the best casino bonus, but if those and other campaigns prove to be profitable, you’re still liable to pay tax. It’s the nature of the game!

If you’re like most small businesses, breaking through the government’s barriers will improve your sales. It may mean you will be able to get your products to market or your service to the marketplace. You may be able to start your business sooner. If you do business in multiple states, it may mean you can deliver products that weren’t possible before. And the fact is, you’re not going to get your product to the marketplace as soon and with as little overhead as if you went to the government and said, “Let me break through the walls of the government.” If you had that kind of chance, you probably would do it. But most small businesses don’t have that kind of chance.

By breaking through the government’s barriers, you are enabling your own business. You are getting a business up and running and you are managing it, paying taxes, building your sales and so on. You may have some government contracts, sales or whatever, but you won’t have the power that government allows you to have when you break through the government’s barriers.

You will also be breaking through the government’s power that it has. If you do business with the government, you may do business for better reasons than the government is offering you. You will be breaking through the barriers and showing the government that the barriers that it creates are unnecessary and wasteful.

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