Every Business Can Go Green, Including Small Businesses

DATE: Nov, 11   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

More than ever is there the push to make businesses go more economically friendly. Doing good by the environment is becoming one of, if not the top priority for companies across the country.

There used to be the mindset that only high-profit companies could afford to make the switch to being more green. However, there are many small changes any business can do that is on the right path.

When a company makes the changes to be more green, it’s not just the environment that benefits but the organization as well. A greener workplace creates a more productive and healthier workplace. Not only that, because many economically friendly changes actually save you money, it will help the bottom line too.

To help you make the change, here are a few tips any business can make to become greener.

Recycle Where Possible

The more you can recycle, the less amount of waste you’ll have. Have recycling bins in areas of the office that have lots of paper. The more accessible recycle bins are, the more likely everyone in the building will choose the blue bin over a trashcan.

Turn Off Lights

A lot of wasted power goes into illuminating empty rooms. Getting employees in the habit of turning off lights in rooms they leave and at the end of the day will reduce the amount of power your company needs. Not only that, you’ll save money on your monthly utility bills.

A simple way to do this is by installing motion-sensor lights. They only turn on when someone walks into the room. After a set time, they’ll turn off until the next person walks in.

Switch to Energy-Efficient Lights

If you have lights that need to be on, opt for the more energy-efficient options. LED lights are the most efficient lights on the market. They last longer, use less power, and are more affordable than ever.

Use Green Products

You’ll need to clean the office at some point. So, take a look at the cleaning supplies you have. Many of them contain harsh chemicals that are not only bad for the environment but bad for you as well.

Opt for greener products that contain little to no toxic chemicals. You’ll be protecting the environment, and reducing the chance of harsh chemicals infecting the indoor air quality. If you plan to make use of essential oil diffusers or similar devices to keep the office rooms fresh and air pure, then read up about the different scent diffusion technologies that can do the job well, without consuming more energy or releasing toxic chemicals. Also make sure to opt for chemical-free, fully natural oils made from plants or other organic matter.

You will still need to make sure that the products are kept in a safe environment, and have the right equipment from companies like Storemasta, to make sure any spills are contained and dealt with safely.

Encourage Carpooling or Non-Motorized Commutes

Roughly 20 percent of the emissions in the United States comes from vehicles. One of the best and easiest ways to make your business more energy efficient is to set up plans to reduce employees using vehicles.

Although this may be one of the harder green options to implement, it can be one of the most effective ones. Encourage your staff to ride public transit, take a pedal bike, walk, or carpool with coworkers. Have an incentive to motivate your staff more to choose a greener commute option.

The location of your business will play a factor in this one. You may want to look at a new property that is close to public transit, or roads with bike lanes. Consider taking out a small-business loan to help move your business to a different location.

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