Green Tips & Tricks For Growing Small Businesses

DATE: May, 5   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

The shift towards environmentally friendly everything has hit hard in the past few years, and business has felt the movement in a very personal way.  Though change may bring fear into the hearts of many, “going green” should be a welcomed change.  

Shifting towards a more environmentally friendly approach will save the company time and money through their everyday operations.  It may cost a small bit to rework company operations and materials, but it is well worth the investment.  Take a moment to look over a few helpful tips and tricks for growing a “green” small business.

Paperless communication saves money and trees

It is no longer uncommon for companies to run a paper free establishment.  It makes sense to jump aboard this environmentally friendly train.  The ability to communicate so freely through video conferencing and other forms of telecommunication, file sharing programs, and other paperless applications makes the transition to a paperless workplace much easier than in the past.  

Going paperless will save thousands over time, and once fully implemented, the company will begin seeing financial results almost immediately.  Digital copies are free and do not endanger a single tree.  Going paperless is one of the most essential transitions small businesses must integrate into their company policy.

Offer incentive for participation

If the incentive of bettering the Earth is not enough to evoke company wide participation in the new “green” way of doing business, then offer incentive for participation.  Offer a competition for “green” employee of the month.  

Professionals love a good competitive race to the bulletin board.  Post a grand picture of the winning employee each month.  Not only will this strategy stir up a healthy competition, but it will place the employees who have chosen not to participate in the eventual limelight.  

Go LED with all company lighting

If the business has not yet switched out all of their light bulbs for LED lighting, then it is time to catch up with the times.  LED lighting uses far less energy than traditional bulbs.  It may cost the business a few bucks to make the switch, but it is well worth the money saved over time.  

Shut down computers when they are not needed

One of the easiest ways to run a more environmentally friendly business operation is to shut down.  Too often, companies leave hundreds of computers turned on around the clock, even when they are not in use.  Shut down company computers at the end of every work day, and cut down the strain on the local power grid.  

Waste reminders can go a long way

Simple reminders of the waste being accrued is typically enough for people to get onboard with the effort.  Placing small post it notes above light switches as a reminder to flip them off when exiting the room will help conserve energy.  

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