Have the Charm of Southern Living Anywhere

DATE: Aug, 8   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

The American South has been revered for decades for its food, music, and sense of style. And nowhere is this more present than in decor! There’s nothing to rival the Southern way of combining a welcoming, comforting environment with posh style and modern charms.

If this aesthetic speaks to you, you might have felt that unless you live in the South, there’s no way you can replicate the feeling and style in your home decor. However, this isn’t necessarily the case! There are some simple steps you can take to bring the solid, traditional and comfortable energy of Southern Living into your home, wherever you live. And we know you will be happy to welcome your loved ones into the space even more frequently than you do now! So whether you are planning on painting the outside of your home to reflect a southern look or you are planning on using a Denver Windows service, or one similar to it, to completely replace the windows you have now so they fit in with your style, there is plenty of choice for you.

One of the lasting charms of Southern decorating tradition focuses on slowing down and taking time to enjoy what matters. This can mean food and drink, fresh air, beautiful textiles, and, of course, your loved ones as well!

A spacious, airy front or back porch area is a fantastic way to welcome your friends and family to slow, down, relax, and enjoy their time with you. Porches and patios are well-loved in the SOuth for a reason; not only is it a way to escape the heat, but they are a perfect location to enjoy a home-cooked meal or cold beverages around a table with the people who matter most.

Your kitchen is another critical space to consider for the same reasons. Kitchens are traditionally a place where people congregate. If you make yours welcoming, you can expect lots of company and laughter around the table while cooking and eating together. Add a touch of elegance by considering silestone kitchen countertops (find designs and more here) and some modern kitchen seating too, to bring in a stylish yet inviting feel.

Hardwood flooring is a staple of many Southern homes, and if you have hardwood flooring in yours, tsking time to maintain and restore your flooring can assist you with creating the welcoming space you desire. Hiring professionals to assist you with this process is an excellent investment, and calling on the knowledge of a Southern family who has been building, restoring, and educating about hardwood floors for decades is your best option! Call the experts at this Nashville flooring store to learn how you can improve your hardwood flooring experience in your home in no time at all!

Finally, make sure to allow plenty of fresh air and sunshine into your living space. Adding live plants can also be an excellent choice – not only do they add a sense of grave and natural beauty, but they also help clean the air and promote health in your environment! You can also add some wall decor pieces from the likes of Neon Mama and similar other online stores to bring in the whole effect of beauty and comfort.

The desire to bring traditional comforts and stylish ease to your home is understandable. Choosing to be inspired by the long-ranging success of the American South is an excellent choice for making this happen in your own home. Just always remember to take it slow and enjoy every moment; no success can be achieved within the South’s aesthetic without slow and deliberate enjoyment of what matters most. For you, it’s likely family, friends, food, love, and laughter.

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