Holding Memories in Place Through Photobooks

DATE: Apr, 4   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Growing up, you probably saw your parents or grandparents keeping these amazing albums where they kept their photos since childhood. They had a clear film where they stored printed pictures and to make it even more exciting; your mom went ahead to make small notes at the back of the photos describing the events in which the pictures were taken. It was a perfect way of holding memories in place. Even when you were all grown up, you could see photos of when you were one day old to the time you wore your first sneakers.

Times have changed, and today, you no longer have to put your photos in leather albums as there is a better way to do it. From scrapbooking your old high school graduation memories (like those from https://www.jostens.com/graduation/high-school/announcements) to photo time capsules and memory albums, there are plenty of ways to preserve those beautiful moments.

Unlike in the old times, today people take up to 10 photos a day, and if you were to store all of these in an album, you would probably have to buy 10 of them in a year. That does not sound like the most convenient way of doing things, but photo books have come in as the best alternative or storing memories. And there are plenty of photo book ideas, unique photo book ideas to get you started.

Here are a few aspects to help you in through your search.

Less is more

You want to make the best and most appealing photo combination, which requires you to try and be minimal. Do not crowd the photos in one layout. Go for a photo book that allows you to spread the photos based on when they were taken and the theme. Also, you can get several photo books, so you get to use each differently, for example, a family photo book, friends or a school photo book.

Ease to use

You want a photo book that you can easily use and navigate through. By this, it means that you can easily upload photos from your desktop, laptop or phone and remove or delete if you wish.

Go for a photo book that allows you to download photos from your social media such as Facebook or Instagram with ease and if you want to show them to your friends you can do it with ease. Also, if you want to select pics, maybe to edit or move them to a different folder, make sure you will not be struggling.


The best photo book is one which offers you flexibility regarding layout and features. You might change your mind when designing how you want the photos to turn out and with enhanced flexibility; you should make changes without interfering with the quality of the picture. You can also rearrange the photos and move them to different pages. Even better; you can increase or reduce the number of pages without the need to delete pictures.

Consider the cost

The cost of the best photo books is determined by various aspects such as the size, style, and features you want to go for. The fancier the book and the more features it has, the higher the cost. So go for the photo book that you can comfortably afford and one that fits your needs.

With these tips, you can be assured that you will settle on the best photo book to fit your needs for storing pictures and budget. You can also get customized ones that will let you choose your size, format, and style. Also, select reliable sites that give you convenience, are easy to use and have fantastic customer services. All the best!

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