How serviced accommodation can help businesses during COVID-19

DATE: May, 5   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt by all sectors and the businesses within them. Whilst the retail industry is seeing some benefits of online shopping, other businesses are suffering from the impacts of being shut down.

Now that the government has asked some businesses to return to work, there are some ways that serviced accommodation providers can help businesses get back to a new normal. We’ve outlined how below.

A clean environment

With the legacy of the pandemic, hygiene has never been more important. The last place you want to stay is a dirty apartment that doesn’t look like it’s been cleaned for weeks. If you can see dust on the decor and fingerprints on the surfaces, chances are the room isn’t clean. Fortunately, many serviced accomodation providers are aware of the need for high standards of hygiene, so they will often use professional Indianapolis house cleaning services (or similar services in their area) to ensure everything is spick and span.

They provide somewhere safe for travelling workers

For some companies, it isn’t possible for their workers to avoid travelling whether this be due to location or due to the nature of their role.

For employees who are having to travel a considerable amount to and from work, serviced accommodation is in some ways more of a solution as they can provide a safe home for workers over a short or long-term basis. Those who usually travel a lot will have less need to, which could reduce stress all round.

City centre locations for convenient travel

There have been a lot of concerns raised over public transport use for those returning to work, even with social distancing measures being introduced on public transport.

By staying in a serviced apartment, employees can reduce the amount of time they spend on public transport and are less exposed to risk. Many serviced apartments are in city centre locations, which lend to more convenient travel to and from work as many will be staying within walking distance of their workplace instead of having to take a bus or train.

Security, comfort and disinfected space to self-isolate

Serviced apartments are a top-notch lodging option for a range of travelers, from business executives to VIPs and even celebrities. What makes them stand out is the decreased need for regular interactions, a feature that traditional choices like hotels, hostels, or B&Bs may not always offer, especially in certain areas. Additionally, these apartments typically undergo thorough sanitization and disinfection, often with the assistance of companies offering commercial cleaning services in Charlotte, NC or in close proximity to the accommodation. This ensures a safe and clean environment, making it an excellent choice for those seeking isolation with minimal external contact.

In addition to the comfort and convenience offered by serviced apartments, businesses can also prioritize the safety and security of their employees during their stay. Utilizing the expertise of a trusted security provider such as this new york professional security service, added security measures can be taken. These can include the presence of guards and security agents to instill a sense of relaxation and protection for their key employees. This allows employees to treat their serviced apartment as a true home away from home, fostering a more comfortable and secure stay.

Serviced apartments come with everything a person could need, including a fully equipped kitchens, WiFi and a TV. Increasingly, front-line workers are also looking to serviced apartments as a way to keep away from their families to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

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