Ideas for Organising Food Storage Boxes

DATE: Jun, 6   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

If your kitchen drawers and cupboards are overflowing with food storage boxes and lids, you probably feel frustrated each time you access them. Do not worry; most people have felt this frustration in the kitchen, and the most effective solution is to organise your food storage boxes.

Not only will you be able to find the lid to the box you need quickly, but it will also reduce the chance of a cockroach infestation, as these pests love to hide in cluttered and dark areas. Problems like this usually require calling in experts to handle Cockroach Control in a professional manner. However, when simple reorganizing can keep this filthy creature away, why not use it? Read on to discover how you can build an easy-to-maintain system that will help you reduce the clutter.

Get Rid of Lids With No Matching Boxes

Before you begin organising, it would be best to go through your boxes to identify those without matching lids and vice-versa. Get rid of such boxes or covers. This is the first and most important decluttering step you will need when organising your storage space. After this, you can identify how many boxes are ideal for you and find a solution that will work best.

An Old CD Rack Is Useful

An old CD rack is a treasure when organising your food storage boxes. You can stack the lids on one side, and the boxes on the other side. The best part is that both the covers and boxes will be easily accessible whenever you want.

Consider Getting Really Useful Boxes

You can use really useful boxes if you want to declutter. You can get several with divided sections to allow you to stack your food storage boxes based on type, size, or even colour.

Get A Plastic Basket or A Mesh

You can use a plastic basket or a mesh to store your lids. Clip either on your cupboard door and use it to hold your container lids.

Organise Your Drawers In a Way That Best Fits Your Boxes

You can divide your drawer into thirds and organise it to fit your boxes. After dividing your drawers, arrange the lids based on shape. You can arrange the covers based on their shapes or sizes, and stack the boxes in the middle section.

Make Use of Tension Rods

You can use the tension rods found inside drawers to separate boxes and lids. Store both the lids and boxes vertically, to allow you to grab and easily find the lid or container that you need.

Get Mesh Baskets With Sections

Get a mesh basket with sections designed to hold different items. This option is perfect if you usually keep your food storage boxes on a shelf other than in a drawer. Pulling out the mesh basket, you can find spoons, knives, other essential Nella cutlery, and everything else you need, just like you would in a drawer.

A Dish-Drainer Inside a Cupboard Is Perfect

A dish-drainer inside a cupboard is a perfect option for storing the lids. They will be easily accessible at any time.

Compact Pull-Out Storage Units

If you have smaller storage boxes, consider using a compact-pull out storage unit for them. Then pile the larger ones on top of the drawer unit to prevent any falling out. This also ensures that everything is organised and easy to maintain.

Decluttering the kitchen should not be a difficult task. Follow the above tips for a neat and organised space.

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