Industries That Are Most In Need of Telephone Answering Services

DATE: Jul, 7   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Every business must use telephone communication and for some, the telephone is the main source of new business and therefore professional call answering is an absolute must. No customer should ever experience an unanswered call – which is very much considered as the kiss of death in business circles – and when that does occur, the caller simply moves on to the next company on their listing and will more than likely make a mental note never to call again. Of course, every business is unique, so here are just a few of the industries that can really benefit from outsourcing this part of their business to a customer care and phone support service like can be found at

  • The Hospitality Industry – Hotels, motels, inns and resorts are all places that can benefit from a telephone answering service and with the majority of their reservations coming via the phone, it is very important that all calls are answered promptly and professionally. Even with a dynamic website that offers online booking, many guests prefer to call and reserve a room, as they have a few questions, and we all like to actually talk to a real person sometimes. You might choose to hire an experienced receptionist who deals with all incoming calls. But in case of their absence, unprofessional practices or simply any other reason, you may have to keep a replacement ready to take over the job. That said, you can hire a professional call handling partner such as one available at Westpark Communications (find out more at that can step in. This is considering that when answering the phone at work, the tone of voice is very important as it represents professionalism and your business standards. There is a short guide on how to answer the telephone in a business environment, which offers some useful tips.
  • Service Related Businesses – Many service companies have special emergency and support numbers, so that customers can request a call out and these are generally 24/7 numbers. Rather than leaving a machine running outside of office hours, it is far better to enlist the help of a telephone answering service who will ensure that all calls are professionally handled.
  • Sales Departments – If your company has a sales department, all calls need to be promptly handled and information passed on to the relevant people. Forgetting to pass a message to a salesperson might result in loss of business, and whether you sell new cars or computer parts, no one wants to leave a customer hanging on the other end of a phone. Most sales teams are always mobile and with a virtual receptionist manning the phones, any leads will be instantly relayed to the right people, which results in a higher conversion rate.
  • Medical Care Centres – A medical care centre would have many people making appointments by phone, and rather than leave it to your receptionist – who is always very busy – why not outsource the telephone answering to a medical office virtual receptionist? These specialized experts can efficiently manage incoming calls, ensuring every patient inquiry and appointment request is handled promptly and courteously. That said, you can also integrate the data provided by the telephone answering service with your current orthodontic practice management software (for more information, see the website of Cloud 9 Software), to ensure that all appointments are scheduled promptly. As this software generally integrates a variety of functions and updates the appointment onto a cloud-based calendar, everyone will be kept updated when an appointment slot becomes available. By doing so, the regular receptionist will also have more time to ensure that all patients are comfortable while waiting their turn to see the practitioner.

There are, of course, many other industries that outsource their call handling and if you would like to discover what such a company could do for your business, all it takes to make contact is an online search. The wide range of services includes temporary cover, message taking, and handling support and service inquiries and with affordable prices, you can ensure that your business never suffers due to unanswered telephone calls.

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