Is Now the Right Time To Build an Environmentally Sustainable Home?

DATE: May, 5   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

There has been a lot of attention in the past year about environmental sustainability. There has also been a lot of attention paid to taxes and the cost of housing. So that may have turned you to the question –  is now the right time to build an environmentally sustainable home? In other words, if you want to go green, is making a home in the most ecologically balanced way possible a good idea the way things stand right now?

To answer this question, think about the taxes that you pay on houses, incentives for going green, how you can mix style and function as a homeowner who wants to keep a low carbon footprint, and what the overall long-term economics are of sustainable building and living.

Taxes on the Market

What are your taxes like right now? What would they be if you bought a different house? What would they be if you built a different house? Laws concerning the housing market are about to change, and that means that you’ll have to pay more attention to financial considerations that were in your plan before, especially if the value of your house is going to be different because of the sustainable way that you plan on building your new structure. Different time frames make more sense to try to create your own house because of fluctuations in legal taxation systems.

Green Incentives

Are you aware that there are incentives for purchasing energy efficient appliances? If you are creating an environmentally sustainable household, make sure that you hang on to all of your receipts and figure out if there are any tax deductions that you can utilize at the end of tax season.

Mixing Style and Function

One of the things that is interesting about building a green home is that style and function mix in a little bit different way than if you create a typical home. Because there are different requirements for sustainable building materials and viable utility functions like water and electricity, there are various ways that you have to approach them stylistically. If you look at what other people have done during construction phases, you will see that there are some creative solutions.

Understanding the Overall Long-Term Economics

In the long term, environmental sustainability is suitable for both the planet and your pocketbook. However, there may be more of an initial cost then you would expect to play for a typical house. Once you start breaking down your financial income and expenses, there should be a number that you figure out. That number will relate to the length of time you need to utilize your renewable resources before they start paying you back regarding cost savings.

You can also recycle your waste which may help to get you some money back to spend on your new sustainable home. If you want to read more relevant information, I advise you to take a close look at Property Week.

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