Is the Airline Industry Really the Ultimate Enemy of the Environment?

DATE: Jan, 1   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Even those of us who are self-proclaimed soldiers in the fight for a cleaner, greener environment appear to undo all the work we otherwise put in to reduce our carbon footprint, through pursuing hobbies such as global travel. Is it a case of effectively paying lip service but ultimately being powerless when it comes down to actually doing something effectual to do our bit to save the environment?

After all, the immediate air I breathe may very well be impressively clean as a direct result of me perhaps driving an electric vehicle, etc, but where does the power to recharge the batteries of that electric vehicle ultimately come from? It’s likely fossil fuel origins, isn’t it?

Okay, so in the case of the electric vehicle example, the general thinking is that at least there’s a start. If you have something like electric vehicles to start off with, you’re reducing the would be internal combustion engine emissions that make for one of the greatest polluters of the earth around. From there we can then look further up the supply chain and start to replace the fossil fuel original sources of that power with renewable energy.

There has to be some kind of market established first…

Speaking of the establishment of markets, one of the biggest markets in the entire world is that of air travel. If you know even the bare minimum there is to know about jet engine airplanes, which are pretty much all airplanes that fly considerable distances, you’ll be well aware of just how much jet fuel is burned by these otherwise impressive works of engineering witchcraft. Those that don’t may want to click this link to learn more about the carbon footprint of flying. The air travel industry has long since been vilified as the instigator in chief of the growing global climate change climate, which it must be said is being overshadowed by another pandemic of a public health nature.

Is the airline industry really the ultimate enemy of the environment though?

The answer is no…

On an individual level you can choose to make decisions such as trying out a new online casino instead of jumping on a plane and flying to a popular, physical casino destination for the same thrill. It’s a noble enough gesture, but in the grander scheme of things is a gesture whose intended effects are lost to insignificance.

The airline industry has long since figured out the actuarial sciences which go into its operation, albeit this intricate mathematics is used more for the modelling of profit-maximisation than in consideration of the industry’s environmental impact. Either way, the maths has the industry in a place where it has figured its role out in terms of what it can do to continue providing what is an essential service of global travel, which means the frequency and total number of flights and flight routes are planned out to the tee. They’re pretty much fixed so even if you choose not to take a certain flight, that flight is still going to take to the sky.

The airline industry collectively needs to do its bit to minimise the environmental impact air travel has.

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