Learn How to Choose Wall Panel the Right Way

DATE: Jun, 6   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Plain walls are long gone trend. With so many affordable options in the wall panelling, almost every home feature the beautifully designed walls which reflect the mood and décor taste of the designer.

One can opt between custom-made panelling or pre-designed panels to give a new lift-up to their home. Other than beautifying the space, some variety of panels can be installed to give more space illusion for smaller rooms.

The choice of choosing a wall panel is greatly influenced by your need, purpose, budget, and theme that would complement your personality. It will be an added advantage to have functional wall panel which would also add beauty to your room. Having said that, this is how one can decide over the wall panel they might need:

  • Measure the dimensions of your home

This is the most important thing to do before you approach a wall panel vendor. You see, sometimes the dimension of your home or a particular room does not support the look of a wall panel. This means, that there are chances that after panelling your wall, the whole feel of the place gets dark or suffocated. It is likely a possibility.

Although, the wall panel market is flooded with so many designs, patterns, materials, and characteristics and you will surely find the appropriate panel for your home.

There are many AR (Augmented Reality) software available which can give you a fair idea about the dimension of the panel that would perfectly fit your space. Just open the software on your laptop or phone, choose the panel on the site and point the device’s camera towards the intended wall. This will virtually apply the panel and will help you decide.

  • Explore your inner-self to decide over a theme

You know, we do not put ourselves to test unless the need arises. Before you begin shopping, ask yourself about the theme you might want in the panels. To help you with the decision, there are following themes in wall panelling

  1. 3D wall panels for crisp and compact theme
  2. Vintage wall panels for that old-golden era look
  3. Abstract wall panel to look more like a modern-art lover
  4. Classic stone panelsfor that natural rich feel.
  • Identify the purpose

Other than beautification, wall panelling can be done for certain functional aspects. For instance, the acoustic panels are used to control noise levels in a space and to block noise transfer through walls. These can be useful in case you share your wall with noisy neighbours or an eventful service nearby.

Outdoor panelling is widely installed. It renders protection from the extreme and subsequent change in temperature and weather. This can also be effective in shielding the wall for dampness.

  • Check your wallet’s capability

All options and plans get narrowed down based on the affordability. Apart from the cost of the panel you choose, there are additional expenses as well, such as labour charges, tradesman, and VAT. Do not forget to add an after-installation maintenance cost. All the wall panel companies are happy to provide an estimate, either in-person or through their website’s estimation calculator. Be sure to check for all the options that you would like to have and, compare them with other vendors.

For instance, some stone panelling can be done with minimal to no expert help. These are DIYs panels that are too easy to be applied by oneself. You can get such panels and tiles through a company like GenStone or similar others and explore a few manual guides on how to go forward with the DIY wall remodelling.

Wall panels are a trend now. They give a balance amount of shade to your home. And with their sturdy and long-lasting nature, they fell light on your pocket, in a long run. Go ahead and be a part of this trend.

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