Logistic Improvements to Get the Most out of Your Business

DATE: Apr, 4   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

These are exciting times when it comes to starting your own business in Australia, since the country is flourishing with startups eager to advance with their own ideas. However, a fast-developing market such as this one also means that each newcomer needs a competitive edge to survive and keep growing – and what better way to achieve just that than to structure your company so well that you can focus on the essential aspects of running it?

When you don’t have to worry about your supply chain, your marketing team, or whether or not your website will crash during the holiday season, focusing your efforts on management and major decision-making will be your only concern. To that end, let’s see how you can perfect your logistics approach in this competitive Australian market and send your company straight to business stardom.

Embrace automation

We live in the world that prides itself on exceptional technological advancement, and whatever your product or service may be, you can rely on technology and digitalization to automate numerous processes efficiently. A great example of how automation is quickly taking over some of the most time-consuming aspects of your operation is incorporating driverless vehicles.

Although this particular initiative will take time to bloom, various regions such as Victoria are embracing this trend as we speak. While we’re waiting for this spark to catch on fully, there are so many other aspects of your business that can already benefit from automation. From using a CRM platform to simplify your sales team’s operation, to using various social media applications and reporting tools to seamlessly use the data you collect, find the right technological support for your business and you will quickly cut your time-wasting in half.

Don’t underestimate social media

No business can afford not to be online, but nowadays, it has become so much more than just building and maintaining a presence on the World Wide Web. It takes constant strategizing, regular revision, and authenticity to be recognized and remembered, and to preserve the trust and loyalty of your existing clientele.

Since most, if not all of your modern customers are on social networks, managing social pages means growing engagement, increasing your sales, and of course, improved profit. Even though owners of many smaller companies choose to manage those pages on their own, having someone else, or an experienced team will free up your schedule significantly. However, make sure to hire someone who will represent your brand properly and stay true to your brand voice and values.

Simplify your import procedures

If you have managed to grow your company to such an extent that you have already gone global – congrats! However, this incredible feat also comes with its own stumbling blocks, some of which are related to the legal and bureaucratic aspect of import and export. Knowing the ins and outs of the laws and customs regulations of each region is essential in managing your business smoothly.

That is why working with a customs broker in Melbourne and other Australian cities can help you automate this process and keep it as seamless as possible. No one wants to be on the sending nor on the receiving side of that apologetic email in which you have to justify why your product is late. It can mean losing customers and permanently damaging relationships. This is a preventative measure that ensures every cog in the supply machinery works properly for the sake of your reputation.

Enable continuous training

When you have a slew of workers in several closely connected portions of your business, you need to make sure that no one lags behind, and that all of them are skilled and trained properly for their position. That doesn’t mean that you cannot hire junior members or interns who are still in the process of learning, but in any case, you have to take into account their need to progress and master new methods to boost your operations.

This will help you increase your retention rate, your employees will feel better, more appreciated, and well-equipped to tackle the workload under your wing. Send your teams to regular training seminars, conferences, and similar educational events, or bring an expert in the field to your headquarters and set up a lecture on a regular basis. Whether it’s working with a new piece of machinery, or learning a new technique, your operations will run much more smoothly with a well-educated team on your hands.

Keep things visible

With a growing company, it might feel impossible to keep your chain of command, your communication, and your operations visible, both for you, and your employees. However, when you use cloud-based systems to track how your daily process unfolds and find gaps and roadblocks that need resolving to avoid losing customers.

From tracking your orders, delivery time, schedule management, real-time visibility across your company enables you and the rest of your management to make adjustments on the go, and not just act on feedback given later by the customer. GPS tracking, for example, is key in monitoring how well your drivers are managing the roads, how much time they need to deliver their packages, and if there are delays during particular times of day and segments of the road to find a more appropriate route and schedule.

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