Make Your Home a Smart Home!

DATE: Jun, 6   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

You have probably heard the term ‘smart home’ and perhaps wondered what it is all about. In fact, smart homes are becoming the norm in terms of new-builds, as the technology is available to run systems that can be used to help in many ways. For a start, think about your heating system: you probably have a boiler with a thermostat that turns the heating on and off, and heats to a certain temperature, at set times. What you should have is a smart thermostat!

What are we talking about? A smart thermostat is one that can control your heating and water heating much more efficiently than a regular meter. They often work wirelessly and sometimes via your broadband connection. If you read up about smart thermostats, you will find that these affordable and effective devices are more than worth the investment. If you get the best ones, you will find they learn when you leave home and return – thanks to your mobile phone – and will adjust the on and off times so that you are not heating the house when you are not home. You can also override the settings remotely if you wish, and much more besides. This is one smart device that will definitely save you money. You can discuss this change with an HVAC professional like CJS Heating and Air to see if they are able to offer more insight into how this can be a positive addition to your home.

Lighting and More

You can get smart controls that turn your lights on and off automatically, thus using the electricity more efficiently. An expensive but necessary commodity, these devices save on the amount of power you are using unnecessarily by switching off lights when there is nobody in the room, for example. That’s simple money-saving, and they are not expensive to fit. Hence, if you’re thinking of installing any smart devices in your home and need assistance, this electrician from MZ Electric might be able to help you.

One device we liked very much, while not a money-saving one as such, is the video doorbell; this shows you on a remote screen who is at the door, without the need for expensive CCTV installations. It’s a great little device that adds a touch of welcome security to your home, at surprisingly little cost, too. Such gadgets make great gifts, too, as you will find out in this new post from Look What’s Cool, and they are surprisingly inexpensive, too.

If you want to go full-smart, and impress your friends, you can also get systems that allow you to close curtains remotely, as well as turn on entertainment systems, but that’s just showing off – although it’s great fun!

Save Water

Water is another essential commodity that costs money, and it may be worth your while installing a meter to monitor your water usage. You can also get eco-friendly showerheads that limit the amount you use, and you should consider buying a one-cup kettle, too. These clever and cheap appliances replace your traditional, inefficient kettle, and are much more energy-efficient and cost-effective.

A smart home is about making your life easier as well as saving money. You can find plenty of information online about how to make your home smarter. It’s worth investigating because the amount of money you will save can be considerable, so check it out now. You’ll find living in a smart home much more fun, and you can use that saved money for more enjoyable things!

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