Motivating Your Employees via Rewards and Recognition

DATE: May, 5   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Time and time again experts have argued just how important the need to motivate employees at work is. Other than their person factors, how well your employees are performing at work may have something to do with their levels of motivation as well.

Lack of motivation may do a lot more damage than just keeping the employees distracted. When an employee feels like they are being forced to work on something they might not even give their full 100 to something. This way they may never even discover their full potential and what exactly are they capable of.

So motivation just acts as a driving force which pushes employees to do better and in this process explore their skill set.

Noticing the importance of motivation several business owners have a proper reward and recognition platform in place. The really cool thing about these programs is that they let the employees of the organisation they are working with choose their own rewards and methods in which they would like to be recognised. This is one smart way of boosting employee engagement levels.

Rewards and recognition must be provided to employees according to some pattern. Recognising someone’s efforts when they did something exceptionally once and ignoring it the rest of the times is never going to work. Consistency in everything, even in recognising and rewarding your employees’ efforts is super important.

Both, rewards and recognition benefit the person who is getting them and the one who is giving them.

It works for the employees because at the end of the day we all have a need for our efforts to be recognised and when an employee gets it he is motivated to keep up the good work so they can continue getting recognition. The fact that they keep doing good work obviously benefits the organisation, the one that is giving the rewards and recognition.

The acknowledgment of all that you do at work and being rewarded for it too can be so important that several employees stay loyal to their companies because of these two things alone. So you can probably tell just how many functions rewards and recognition can perform for an organisation; from boosting job performance levels to creating employment loyalty there is a lot that you can do just by patting your employees’ back.

Recognising someone’s efforts and rewarding them for it accordingly must be done in a timely fashion. The quicker it is done, the stronger the link between the good work and reward is established from the employee’s side. To help with this, businesses may choose to rely on technology, such as viGlobal Performance Management software, that allows managers and supervisors to keep track of work progress, provide necessary feedback, and identify outperforming employees for recognition and reward.

Several experts also believe that an employee’s efforts must be broken into chunks and then be rewarded stage wise rather than just holding all the rewards till they finish the project. This is because if the project is way too long and you withhold everything till the project’s completion, the employees might not feel motivated to give their best while the project is in process.

So, remember that the time at which you present the employees with recognition and rewards is as important as the recognition and rewards themselves!

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