Online Slot Game events that take place every year

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Events are used to mark an important thing. Every company has dates they set aside for events. The gaming world is not left out too, there are several events around the year, some are annual, some biannual. If you are into gaming, then you are probably excited about these events coming up, and you have probably read blogs like Algarve Daily News to see how online gaming can not only benefit your mind but your wallet too.

These events can be hinged on different things; to launch a new game, to familiarise with different gaming providers in the industry, to discuss issues affecting gaming both online and offline, the reasons for the events are endless. Most of the events are conducted virtually with the help of event management companies such as Goldcast and similar others. This allows more users to attend the gaming events and take part in the conferences that they host. Mostly, it’s the interest that drives gamers across the globe to attend events like these. Having said that, take a look at some of these online slot game events and offers at Mega Reel that take place every year.

ICE London

The International Casino’s Exhibition is an exhibition of Game Professionals and big industry dogs, from all regions of the globe. It initially used to be for only casinos but the gaming industry has since evolved greatly, which in turn made ICE to become encompassing of all games, both land-based casinos and online slots.

Last year event was virtual, this year ICE London will hold between 29th June to 1st of July 2021 as a virtual event too. ICE is a global gaming centre of all business-to-business gurus in the industry. One of the most anticipated Gaming Event, that truly brings people together.

Casino Beats Slot Festival.

This event by SBC is also an annual Gaming event. It is being organised every year to showcase the latest Casino Games to qualified and top professionals, expertise and industry midfielders. This event was virtual last year, it’ll be the same this year starting from Feb 4, 2021

Annual EKG Slot Awards Show

Eilers & Krejcik Gaming is a gaming company in charge of many things surrounding gaming including the programming of online slots. The second edition held last year February 27th 2020 and the main aim of the Award show are to familiarise the entire gaming industry with Slot machines and it’s development. There are awards, there’s the product showcase. The event is an all-rounder as it features the main dinner, Dinner and Networking, Awards, Afterparty. Oh, it also features numerous awards in different categories.

Sigma Europe, Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre, World Gaming Festival

Sigma Europe World Gaming Festival is the biggest gaming event in the whole of Europe. Usually holds in Malta (the centre of gaming) every year. The 7th edition will hold at MFCC Malta Fairs. Sigma is said to be the biggest gaming event in Europe because of its strength in emerging tech, the location of the event as an emerging hub, the emerging trends that it embraces.

It is interesting to know that there are still other Gaming events that take place yearly across the world, some of which include;

  1. Ukrainian Gaming Week.
  2. SBC Digital Italy, Virtual event.
  3. Casino Marketing Bootcamp Executive, Virtual New Orleans Experience.
  4. AI in Gaming, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  5. G2E Asia 2021, Venetian Macao. Produced by Reed Exhibitions and the American Gaming Association.
  6. Cyprus Gaming Show, Nicosia, Cyprus.
  7. SBC Digital India 2021 (Virtual Slot Game Event)
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