Our Services

Green Build Expo, London, provides top-quality environmental advisory services for a wide variety of businesses, organisations, and the public sector. We collaborate with our clients in the promotion of sustainable business practices.

We advise our clients on ways of reducing energy consumption, waste management, and creating and maintaining zero to low impact business methods.

We also create sustainable growth and expansion strategies and help our clients to set and reach higher targets.

The main elements of our business are:

Environmental Impact Study

We will assess and analyse the environmental impact of all of your business activities, including energy consumption, carbon footprint, waste management, production, supply sourcing, and distribution. Once we have gathered all the information, we identify all the areas of your business where the impact could be reduced and make recommendations accordingly. This may entail changing your energy supplier, choosing different packaging or equipment, adapting your business premises, and much more. Ultimately, we will outline the most environmentally friendly way of running your business.

Carbon Footprint Assessment

We will assess and calculate your company’s carbon footprint and identify areas of potential reduction. This includes taking a look at your energy consumption, the carbon footprint of the resource you use, the carbon footprint of your products or services, and all other areas of your business that may produce harmful emissions. We use industry best practices and follow all the necessary procedures for Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting. Based on the data collected, we make recommendations geared toward reducing your company’s carbon footprint or achieving carbon neutrality.

Carbon Footprint Management

We provide ongoing carbon footprint management services to help you comply with all the different regulations. Our aim is to minimise your company’s carbon footprint and introduce savings where possible.

Choosing Eco-Success

Our services go beyond environmental considerations. Not only can we help you to make your business practices more environmentally friendly, but we also help you to grow your business in an organic and sustainable fashion. We provide financial advice, identify your company’s unique strengths and devise a growth strategy.

Our aim is to optimise your company’s potential, build a strong image, and expand your influence and reach. Many companies have the competitive edge because of their strong, trust-invoking image and we can help you highlight yours.

Financial Advisory Services

We also provide financial advisory services, including taxation, banking, finance, human resources, savings and investments, and all other relevant areas. Business ethics are of utmost importance to us and whatever advice we furnish is strongly rooted in our conviction to do business ethically.

Tailor-Made Services

All our services are tailored to the needs of each client. Our aim is to help you grow a strong, eco-friendly business and set you up for continued growth. Some of our clients just need a couple of consultations, while others avail of our services on an ongoing basis.

Contact Details

Please send your enquiry to allan@greenbuildexpo.co.uk. We look forward to working with you and supporting you in your efforts to build a strong, eco-friendly business with a competitive edge.