Outdoorsy Horror Movies With Terrifying Basement Scenes

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There are a variety of horror movie genres out there. One horror movie subgenre you may never have really thought about it is the “rural” or “outdoorsy” subgenre. Movies that fell into this subgenre typically take place entirely or partially in more rural areas, whether it’s in a cabin in the middle of the woods or a home that’s relatively out of the way of society.

Whether you just really love being outdoors or you like the type of horror that tends to come from this concept, outdoorsy horror movies are popular for a reason. Take a look at these horror movies with terrifying basements, then dive a little deeper into some of the more rural-style horror movies in this list.


The entirety of Misery takes place almost exclusively in a small home in the middle of nowhere in Colorado. Although there are short scenes that take place outside the home, and one secondary character has a cameo where he tries to rescue the main character Paul, most of it focuses on Paul and Annie’s relationship in this small cabin in the mountains.

This home in the mountains has plenty of problems, not the least of which is that Annie is imprisoning Paul and forcing him to write a new version of his novel to appease her. To that end, she partially uses her basement, which is damp and rat-infested, to terrorize him.

The Evil Dead

The setting of The Evil Dead is a cabin in Tennessee, set in rural areas near Knoxville. The floor has a fruit cellar that characters could access through a trap door. However, they had to be careful – the Deadites, which are undead spirits that attempt to possess living beings, lived in this fruit cellar.

The Evil Dead was directed on a shoestring budget, and the director used a real cabin in the woods of Tennessee to film almost the entire movie. One of the creepiest things about the movie is the fact that the cabin, which was an existing cabin, has burned down since the initial filming. Sure, it wasn’t really infested with Deadites, but the coincidence is nothing if not spine-chilling.

A Quiet Place

In A Quiet Place, the concept is that the world is recovering from an invasion of paranormal creatures that are blind and hunt only by sound. To that end, the main family in the movie has moved to rural New York, where they live in a farm. One of the most terrifying scenes in the whole movie is when the farm’s soundproof basement floods, forcing the family to come up with a secondary option.

One of the main themes of A Quiet Place (find more details on https://hellhorror.com) actually has to do with how far a parent would go to save their children. The parents in the movie sacrifice a lot for their children, all to make sure they stay happy and healthy. This theme fights with the horror, making it a truly intriguing movie overall.

The Evil

The Evil isn’t woodsy or set out in a forest. Instead, it uses a much different concept of the “rural” subgenre and sets the movie out in a field of hot sulfur pits in New Mexico. The main characters are hoping to convert this home, which is set out on these sulfur pits, into a rehabilitation center.

However, everything goes wrong when they invite some friends over and realize the basement is much scarier than they initially thought. One of the characters opens the trap door to the “basement” and realizes that it’s actually a hole to another dimension, one full of terrifying demonic creatures that everyone spends the rest of the movie trying to exorcise.

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Clearly, there are many horror movies that have outdoorsy settings. These outdoorsy settings are an interesting place to go for your spine-tingling terror, and they’re something many people love to encounter. Try one of these terrifying horror movies for your next horror movie binge and find out why so many people love them.

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