Portable Energy Solutions for the Avid Camper

DATE: Mar, 3   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Australians just love the big outdoors, and with camping being a national pastime, the average family owns a motorhome or RV that is used to travel the country. Power requirements usually mean a dual battery system, and by using a campsite, you have access to charge your deep cycle battery, which supplies your vehicle with the necessary power. This does put restrictions on you, as you can never be too far away from a charging point, and any long term trek into the outback might require the use of a good generator, yet thanks to the latest generation of solar panels, all of your energy needs are provided by the sun’s rays.

Solar Mats 

Once you have found that ideal spot to make camp for the night, simply roll out your portable solar mat over the windscreen and you have your charge right there. The deep cycle battery you have in your campervan or RV is the one that gives you the deep discharge needed to run the fridge and other appliances, as well as the lighting, and with this battery being charged in the background, you have an eco-friendly power supply. If you look at the latest developments, solar mats replace the solar blanket as best camping solar panels, as they are very flexible and the cells are much harder to damage than the blanket. Like everything else. Solar panel development is ongoing and the solar mat is the much preferred way to store the sun’s energy to fuel your camping power needs, and with the right deep cycle battery, you are perfectly equipped to disappear into the wilderness for a week or two and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Deep Cycle Battery 

With super-efficient solar mats, one must also have a deep cycle battery for storage, and with online suppliers of both essential items selling at lower than retail prices, equipping yourself to go green camping isn’t going to cost a fortune. The deep cycle battery is designed to discharge up to 75% of its energy, and the ideal way to charge is via the solar mat, and this gives you a new level of independence, making long trips not only possible, but also very comfortable as your power supply is ongoing. If you would like to know more about deep cycle batteries and how they differ from the regular car battery, refer to various articles online.

Flexible Cells 

This is the main difference between a solar blanket and mat, with the latter being far more durable, and with tough canvas covering, the product is guaranteed for 5 years, which is a reflection of its amazing durability. The solar mat weighs much less than the blanket, and when you have a fully packed vehicle, this is indeed welcome news, and the technology is such that the panels will even draw energy on a cloudy day.

If you care about the environment and would like to experience a new dimension of camping comfort, then a portable solar mat is the perfect purchase, and with online suppliers of all camping equipment, your eco-friendly addition will give you many years of trouble free use.

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