Pros and Cons of Online Car Insurance

DATE: Jan, 1   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

We all love to shop online. Why shouldn’t we? Online shopping has made it so much easier to purchase stuff; without having to leave our cosy beds and without having to spend hours in shopping malls- going from this shop to that outlet. That being said, in today’s era of IT and e-commerce, we can safely say that everything can be purchased online. This includes buying car insurance as well. Of course, there are certain gains in purchasing online insurance for vehicles, but there are also some losses that come with the deal. Here, we have compiled a list of merits and demerits of an online car insurance quote which can become your guide in deciding if you should purchase insurance online or you must follow the traditional route of getting coverage for your car:


  1. Time or Day does not matter:

This may be counted as one of the best benefits of purchasing online insurance. You do not have to wait for working days and working hours for getting an insurance plan. With the online purchase of car insurance, you can buy your coverage plan any time – day or night. That sounds like an excellent deal, especially if you have a busy routine or lifestyle.

  1. Ease of getting Insurance Documents:

The convenience of getting insurance documents online is among the most desirable perks of online car insurance. With online coverage, you can print documents quickly. Other proofs of purchasing online car insurance are also available at the point of purchase.

  1. Support for questions:

Online car insurance provides immediate support and answers to your questions. This help is available in the form of FAQs and other ‘help’ section. Also, at online portals, the coverage companies make the most of the information available which address all potential questions.

  1. No involvement of middleman:

Purchasing online vehicle insurance saves your money because you have cut the cost by eliminating the fee of middleman or insurance agent from this. Also, buying insurance direct saves you money, since the insurance company does not have to pay an agent.


  1. No live support:

Sometimes, in order to get your query or concern answered, the information available at FAQs and ‘help’ is not sufficient. Also, website malfunction and question pop up making it necessary to speak with a live human being instead of relying on automated help. With the traditional purchase, however, you can get your queries answered face to face. Getting help from 800 might not that much annoying, but the long wait and holding the phone while listening to automated response make it very awful to get help from 800.

  1. Understanding of coverage plan:

When you get an insurance plan for your vehicle online, going through the details of the insurance plan can be a lot of time-consuming. Moreover, you might spend a lot of hours understanding the insurance plan, but still might have confusion or questions. If you call 800, they do assign you an insurance agent, but for that, you have to wait a lot. Also, if you need to call them for more than one time; you will have to state your query or confusion all over again because 800 assigns you a random agent every time you call. For all these challenges, you will require the expertise of an insurance agent for sure.

  1. Filing a claim:

With traditional insurance plan, while filing a claim, it is a relief that you have your own insurance agent. He can take care of such matters when you are not in a position to go through lengthy procedures. With online car insurance, you have to file a claim on your own which becomes a bit of a hassle if you yourself aren’t feeling good.

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