Remote working helps save the environment

DATE: Mar, 3   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Remote workers can minimise an estimated 54 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year just by avoiding their daily commute, according to a report by Global Workforce Analytics. Saving the world from carbon pollution and unnecessary global warming is everyone’s responsibility, and working from home or anywhere in the world can contribute to that, thus creating a positive environmental impact. In this post, we’ll be looking at how working remotely is helping to save the environment and how eco-friendly companies like Topcontent play a massive part in achieving this goal.

Reducing emissions related to transportation

The most significant benefit to the environment by remote working is not having to commute back and forth to work each day. This means that we will prevent further damage to the environmental pollution caused by driving to work and the constant replacement of vehicle parts due to wear and tear. Telecommuters know this best. They are known to be the unsung heroes of the modern workforce, leading the way to this valuable practice. As part of their advocacy to promote eco-friendly solutions, Topcontent gives opportunities to thousands of writers who are working remotely across the globe without the need to travel to and from the office. Their remote workers deliver high-quality content, for everything from product descriptions to landing pages, for clients all over the world.

Millions of gallons of petrol are consumed daily as employees carry on their commute. Supply and demand put pressure on gas and oil companies to the unceasing extraction of fuel; this is dangerous to the environment as the earth will be filled with mine pits and minimal fossils. However, with remote workers not needing vehicle usage, this number is reduced dramatically. When the use of fossil fuel decreases, it improves the global climate situation and ultimately the environment. Consequently, the costs of dealing with climate change today will affect future generations tremendously.

Less usage of resources

When companies tend to use minimal office resources such as papers, air-conditioning, and other electrical energy required to run an entire office, there is a highly visible reduction in the natural resources necessary in running a business operation. With this, the company contributes directly to environmental conservation. Also, employees who travel to work daily also adds to the usual chaos on the roads due to increased traffic as well as infrastructure damage.

Remote working is a game changer to the infrastructure problem since it minimises the level of traffic at peak hours, saving the government repair money that can be spent on other initiatives to mend the damage we have already done.

Improved productivity

In the UK alone, four million people are remote working, and it is expected to increase in the next few years. Aside from the fact that it indicates a decrease in the number of vehicles on the street and a reduction on harmful emissions, it also means that more employees choose to work for companies that value results instead of their physical presence in the office.

According to a survey conducted by Jabra in the UK, US, France, and Germany, business professionals revealed that they are most productive when they are working from home. Almost one in three employees from the UK consider remote working, but most of them are not allowed by their companies.

Are you ready to be part of the change?

Green Build Expo, a consultancy company, encourages businesses to go green whilst increasing profit; a role that directly aids in decreasing high carbon footprint. Part of its efforts is the promotion of various eco-friendly practices for companies, which are indeed vast. In relation to this, remote working can present an excellent opportunity for those who are committed to saving the environment.

Whether you’re looking at ways to supplement existing income revenue streams or increasing productivity, working remotely is the way to go. See how it can impact you and the environment by joining the list of companies that offer this perk and be the change you want to see in the world – a world with reduced emissions and pollution.

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