Starting a Green Construction Company

DATE: Feb, 2   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

There has never been more concern over the state of the environment as there is today, with more and more signs of global warming and the risk of irreversible damage becoming more prevalent. This is why both individuals and companies need to start seriously thinking about what they can do to help the planet rejuvenate and slow the progression of global warming. In particular, construction companies need to look at ways they can reduce emissions, waste from their various projects, and look at using eco-friendlier materials. If you have recently been thinking about starting a construction company yourself, below are a few tips to help make sure your business is doing its bit for the environment and leading the way in this industry.

Research Environmental Regulations

As a construction company, you will already have to adhere to certain environmental regulations anyway, but if you want to go the extra mile in becoming a green company, you should look at the steps that you need to take to get certified by the proper authorities. BREEAM is the main assessor of construction sustainability in the UK, but there is also a US-based company LEED that is gaining popularity as well. You can find out more about their work and how you can get your company up to their standards here.

Start in the Office

It’s great to understand what you can do onsite as a construction company to reduce emissions and waste, but make sure you’re getting the right example in your offices as well. Any business can help the environment by reducing the amount of paper they use, looking at investing eco-friendly printer cartridges, recycling plastics, paper, cans, and other materials that staff might use for work or on their lunch breaks. Using energy-efficient lighting such as LED bulbs and making it a policy that everything gets switched off at the plug at the end of the day.

Materials and Tools

Any construction company needs to have the right tools for the job, so finding a supplier you can trust is important. Tradefix is a popular site that caters to traders and can offer great deals on bulk purchases. As a start-up company, relying on businesses like them to supply you with the right tools is essential. Secondly, you must consider the type of materials you will use when it comes to construction as well. Your clients’ budgets and preferences will affect what you can use, but as a green construction company, you should make a point of only using eco-friendly materials for your projects, such as recycled steel, bamboo, precast concrete, and composite roofing shingles. You will also be using machinery for larger construction projects which will mean making sure that it is working correctly. If you have to change the battery over for your forklift, for example, you could go for a refurbished one from Texas Motive Solutions so you are recycling an already used battery and helping add towards your green plan.

Business Plan

Any business will require a great business plan if it wants to be successful, and you will need to think about cash-flow forecasts, marketing strategies, budgets, and all of the usual things that need to be in a quality plan. While this is all essential, as a company that wants to focus on being environmentally friendly, you should also work this ethos into your business plan and highlight the steps you’re taking to meet those regulation guidelines.

If you want to start a lucrative construction company and want to do your bit for the planet through your business and at home, consider the points above to help you get started.

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