Storage hacks for homes with kids

DATE: Apr, 4   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Kids possess items like toys, shoes, or clothes. The problem lies with how kids store their items. They normally leave their clothes on the floor making the house look messy, or sometimes, you may trip over their toys. Below are seven detailed storage hacks for your kids’ belongings.

Purchase a shoe organizer

In many homes, families store their shoes under their beds. Shoe storage becomes a hassle when you have at least twenty pairs. Some of the shoes will protrude from under the bed thus making the room congested. Sometimes, you may be unable to find a missing shoe from a pair. Shoe organizers are therefore useful tools for shoe storage. Kids will no longer be stranded where to store their shoes. Additionally, shoes in a shoe organizer are usually arranged well hence easier to spot your shoes.

Get yourself transparent boxes

These boxes reduce clutter since your kids’ items will be stored here. In addition to reducing clutter, your kids can also locate their toys easily since they are transparent. The boxes save your kids the time they would use looking for their toys.

Consider beds with storage room underneath

Some beds come equipped with a mini drawer beneath them. If you want to store an item, all one needs to do is to lift the bed and drop the item in the drawer. The kids can use this bed to store the toys they play with the most. In a sense, they will give out toys they no longer play with.

Drill a clothes rack in their room

Most kids pile their clothes on their beds when they go out to play. When they come to sleep, they push the pile onto the ground. A clothes rack will put an end to this poor storage menace. The kids will thus learn how to press their clothes and hang them in the rack. Ensure there are sufficient clothes hangers for the rack.

Buy a RASKOG cart

Think of this cart as a portable mini-shelf. Just like a shelf, the cart has divisions where you can store various items. The cart can help the kids organize their belongings well. For instance, they could store books in the first section and then store toys in the second section.

Construct floating shelves

Floating shelves can greatly reduce clutter. Not only do they declutter, but they make a room visually appealing. The advantage of these shelves is that most of them are DIY.

Have labelled buckets for each child downstairs

Labelled buckets teach your kids to be responsible since they will store their items in their buckets. Also, they make locating toys easy. The kids use these buckets to dump their toys they found lying about. Later on, they can take them back to their rooms.


There are other hacks you could try, but consider these hacks as a starting point. The hacks will also challenge your kids to think of other better storage hacks.

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