Taking Care of Lawn and Landscaping Sustainably

DATE: May, 5   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

Going green and living a sustainable lifestyle isn’t just about buying the right machines and constructing the right structures. It’s also about taking care of your lawn and landscaping in the most reasonable and balanced way possible. For some homeowners, this may mean getting in touch with a local lawn care service similar to trugreen, but for others, it means getting hands-on with nature, and that starts at home.

If you do things like trim your grass the right way, consider the vegetation that you grow on your property, pay attention to water needs and waste, and keep your carbon footprint in mind, you should be well on your way to having that understanding of mother nature that green activists are always trying to obtain.

Start With Your Trimming

Whether you do it yourself or have a company mow your lawn for you, there are several suggestions and stipulations that you can make to be more green about the process. You want to let your grass grow as long as possible. The longer it is, the better it serves the soil, the more it interacts with habitats of bugs, birds, and babies, and the more respiration happens to help clean the air up. Also, you always want to leave your grass clippings out on the lawn, as they serve to continue fertilizing the soil. A great way to keep your lawn looking great, without actually having to do much of the work yourself is to use a robot lawn mower. These are an excellent tool when it comes to saving time, and will even allow maintenance to your lawn whilst you are away. So you can rest easily knowing your lawn always looks its best.

Consider What Grass and Shrubs You Grow

Plant native grasses and shrubs whenever possible. If some plant has been brought in from outside of your environment, it performs a function in your ecosystem that isn’t necessarily natural. All sorts of environmental tragedies have occurred because new plants or animals have been invited into an area, often for decorative purposes, with devastating consequences. Do some research about native and positive vegetation that should occur naturally where you live, and make that the basis of your landscaping plan. Once you’ve got a plan, you might want to present it to professional landscape designers who could maybe even implement Gresham bark dust and gravel into your plans and designs to transform your outdoor area.

Promote Grass Growth

To encourage lush, vibrant grass growth, it’s essential to adopt proper maintenance techniques. Firstly, ensure your lawn receives adequate water, tailoring the amount and frequency to your specific climate and soil conditions. Overwatering can be just as detrimental as underwatering, so finding the right balance is crucial. Additionally, consider implementing a grass reinforcement mesh system. These durable meshes, often made from recycled materials, are designed to reinforce the soil and grass roots, providing stability and reducing wear and rutting. It helps prevent soil compaction, enhances drainage, and protects grass from damage caused by vehicles, pedestrians, or heavy loads. Beyond reinforcement meshes, regular aeration can significantly improve grass growth by allowing better air and water circulation in the soil. Aerating your lawn annually or biannually, depending on your climate and usage, can help alleviate soil compaction and encourage deeper root development.
Finally, incorporating organic fertilizers and compost into your lawn care routine can provide essential nutrients for grass growth while promoting sustainable practices. These natural amendments not only nourish the soil but also improve water retention and overall soil health.

Pay Attention To Water Needs and Waste

Do you know how much water your lawn needs? There is a considerable percentage of the population that overwaters their grass, and then almost instantly has to cut it down! When you pay more attention to the actual needs of your plants to make them thrive the best, not only will you have a great-looking lawn, but you also prevent a lot of the waste that comes from overwatering. One effective solution is connecting with a company like Sunrise Irrigation, who can provide Sprinkler Installation services. This can help you control water usage more effectively by allowing you to set precise watering times.

Keep Carbon Footprints In Mind

In the end, the best indicator of how well you’re staying in balance with your environment is what your carbon footprint is. In industrialized societies, it can be very, very difficult to get this number balanced because of how we live, but the closer you get to it, the more you can feel at ease. Try to be sustainable in your personal and professional life, thus taking your carbon footprint down to is close to zero as possible, and suggest to others that they do the same thing. Taking care of your landscape and lawn is an excellent way to reduce carbon footprint.

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