Tasty Easter Treats for Any Sweet Tooth!

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Colourful blooms and beautiful sunshine taking over the darkroom is enough to say that spring has sprung with Easter in full swing. Soon the entire globe will be seen busy planning egg hunts, crafting bunnies and deciding on what new dessert to treat your Easter dinner tables with. It is that time of the year when your feed gets taken over by all things sweet. This festival is full of Easter chocolate eggs and sweet flavours. So, allowing yourself to experiment in the kitchen on Easter Sunday isn’t anything to feel bad about. Especially if there are children and grandparents in the house, enjoying baking would pose a great way to get creative and have fun.

Coconut Nest Cake - Victoria

In case you’re wondering what to make for the big day coming your way, it’s hard to wrong with a dessert this time of year. You can turn your attention to sweet and tasty recipes for something everyone can get involved in. If you’re truly looking to capture the spirit of the season, bring baking to the forefront of this year’s Easter activities and give a try to the exciting roundup of Easter treats given below.

This blog post holds some of the best Easter desserts that are sure to make your celebration egg-stra scrumptious. Showcasing everything from dark chocolate Easter eggs, Easter chocolate cake, and brownies to decadent tarts, you’ll come across tons of amazing Easter treats right here. So, get ready and prepare to brush up on those baking skills.

Coconut Lemon Easter Egg

Homan at Home

If you like to make your Easter eggs look and taste equally good, this coconut lemon egg is an absolute must-try for your Easter day recipes. A coconut lemon entremets with layers of coconut mousse, lemon curd, buttery anise shortbread, crunch crumbled and topped with vanilla glaze is sure to treat your taste buds like never before. It is shaped like an Easter egg, and if decorated with a single pansy flower, it speaks of a perfect Easter celebration. Also, why not make your baking experience a bit more hassle-free and easier with a mixing bowl or shiny new mixers available for less on Easter special offer.

Easter Chocolate Cake 

Easter mud cake with handmade praline eggs & toffee nest

What could possibly be more delicious than Easter chocolate cake with perfect creamy chocolate icing? It is just like any chocoholics dream. There’s no doubt about the fact that chocolate is and will always be a crowd-pleaser, and this two-layer fluffy chocolate sponge covered in creamy icing is guaranteed to tantalize those taste buds. Besides that, for added flavour and decoration, you can garnish it with some chocolate chips. All you need is just 50 minutes and simple ingredients to ready, set and bake!

Cinnamon Sugar Easter Bunny Twists

Cinnamon sugar Easter bunny twists {fun + easy Easter treat} - It's Always  Autumn | Easy easter treats, Bunny cinnamon rolls, Easter dessert

This unique and tasty Easter treat is an absolute try for self-confessed lovers of dark chocolate ice cream. It is a perfect snack that a whole family will enjoy. A sweet and crumbly dish is perfect for those who prefer to keep their cooking simple and fun. You’ll only be needing five ingredients, and the end result will just blow your mind away. And the best part of these crispy cinnamon buns is that they taste delicious, and their bunny shape makes them a perfect choice for Easter dessert. So, make the most of these buns by sitting down at the table and serving it with a hot and creamy cup of tea.

Cadbury Style Vegan Crème Eggs

Creating an Egg-Free Egg - Speedbump Kitchen

Holidays are the perfect excuse to indulge in your favourite desserts. And for vegans, this one is even better if said it is healthier than the traditional ones. They’re gluten-free, vegan and sans refined sugar. There’s definitely no reason you can’t give this dish a try. It is made with just six simple steps and tastes almost similar to the original one. It is an egg-cellent healthy Easter recipe. And if you’re calorie counting, don’t even bother, as this one is a total fail-safe option.

Vegan Easter Carrot Cake

Easter Carrot Cake

This one on our list is a gluten-free cake and is what a sweet tooth’s dreams are made of. This heavenly flavorful, tender and sinfully decadent with dollops of cream cheese frosting is a drool-worthy dessert that your family won’t be able to resist. You’ll need coconut oil, applesauce, flax eggs, almond milk and organic brown sugar. This tender, fluffy, moist and carrot packed, perfectly sweet cake is sure to get a thumbs up from your guest. And if you haven’t grab yourself a perfect bakeware set, then the Easter holiday offer can get you that in no time and money.

There you have it, one of the best lists of desserts that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. And we bet all the above options will taste as good as they sound.

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