The Emergence of Guerrilla Business Groups

DATE: Jun, 6   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

“A member of an irregular armed force that fights a stronger force by sabotage and harassment.” That’s the definition of guerrilla, according the WordWeb desktop dictionary, which probably casts the practice in a negative light. However, when the tactics of guerrillas are isolated and separated from their political motives, deconstructed in their technical capacity, these guerrilla tactics can be really good.

It is in the world of business and economics where guerrilla tactics make for a positive force, as we explore the economic advancement tactics employed by the emerging guerrilla business groups.

Fighting the Establishment

If we cast our mind’s eye in the direction of business and economic powerhouses such as Silicon Valley, what will almost immediately become apparent is that the associated economic power from that area is concentrated among three to five of the world’s biggest technology firms. This can never be a good thing, but it’s an occurrence that can be seen across all industries and not just the technology sector.

What emerges is that there is the existence of what has often been referred to as the Establishment, which is comprised out of a group of people who are pulling the strings attached to the biggest few corporations and organisations in the world, which in turn pull the economic strings of the entire world. Ultimately what this means is that the world’s economic power is concentrated in the hands of an elite few, which are aware of each of their roles in collectively consolidating and holding on to that power and so they inevitably work together to maintain that status quo.

It’s the very reason why, under the guise of something like business diversification and expansion, organisations with lots of financial power sponsor news outlets, lobby politicians and invest in “entertainment” channels such as funding movies and TV series. It’s all in the name of maintaining the economic power they collectively have and they work together in that regard.

So when we explore the emergence of smaller groups of not-so-powerful guerrilla business units, their importance becomes apparent in order to shake things up a bit and try and wrestle some power away from the Establishment. These guerrilla business groups exist both as those which are comprised out of individuals who know exactly what the goal is, as well as those who participate on more of a natural regulatory basis.

So for example, any workers compensation attorney Phoenix has available to the public is not officially part of these so-called guerrilla business groups, but the good work they do in helping employees get the compensation they deserve, often form organisations which form part of the Establishment, helps in the regulation of the power it otherwise holds. Variousreputable workermans compensation lawyer and firms (you might want to check out this law firm now for one such example) tend to put their best foot forward and assist the employees in receiving the reparation they should get.

Of course to balance the equation you get those official guerrilla business groups which have made it their official business to take some business and economic power away from the establishment and effectively distribute it more fairly among hard-working, law-abiding citizens such as those which they themselves aspire to be.

If anything, the world needs more guerrilla business groups.

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