The Interesting Benefits of Scrapping your Car for Cash

DATE: Oct, 10   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

With recent EU regulations stipulating over ninety-five per cent of a scrapped car must be recycled businesses are under pressure to find alternative uses for old materials. If you’ve decided to part ways with your beloved vehicle then you may be interested in the benefits of scrapping it both for you and the environment.

You may also be surprised at the potential uses for old cars and how certain parts can be repurposed. But remember it is illegal to accept cash for your scrapped vehicle so make sure whatever company you use pays you via bank transfer or PayPal.

The Financial Reward

Whilst it is true you may get more money from selling your car you also may end up having to wait a while before a potential buyer comes along. The time and money you spend cleaning, advertising and selling your car may well cancel out the potential financial gain.

Electing to scrap your car for cash can save you time and money in the long run. The increasing value of metal means dealers are paying good money for old vehicles. Additionally, if your car is at the end of its life anyway it’s a good way to get some extra cash together before you purchase your new vehicle.

Good for the Environment

When cars come to the end of their working life and are scrapped their usable parts will be repurposed into other devices. Many parts of a car corrode and are damaging to the environment so incorporating them into different products will reduce the environmental impact.

A strong recycling industry is essential to the global strive for a better environment, and providing a stable supply of recyclable materials will keep this initiative going.

It’s more than just metal that can be recycled there are many glasses and plastics in cars that can be used in new products. This has the added benefit of producing products in a less carbon-intensive way whilst also reducing the amount of rubbish that goes to the landfill.

The Whole Process is Relatively Hassle Free

Changes in recent years have promoted car scrappage and made it much easier. You now get paid to have your vehicle scrapped rather than pay yourself. The increased competition of more scrap yards and dealers has also led to more competition to offer the best service. In fact, many automotive dealers have adapted their systems and procedures (with some who have gone to check this out and overhaul their software at the same time) to allow them to take these cars in.

Reap the Benefits of Car Scrappage Today!

If the hassle of listings, car viewings and cleaning sounds too much for you scrapping may be the perfect option. The wide range of scrap yards available in the UK means you should be able to find one relatively easily. If you are ready to make the first step towards a better car then check for your nearest scrap yard dealer at Recycling Monkey.

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