The purpose of becoming a professional trader

DATE: Sep, 9   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

People do not have a clear idea of what do they want in Forex. Most people answer that they want to make money, some answer that they want to get rich and many cannot answer. The goal of trading should not be making money or getting rich, it is something else. This article will tell you what is the goal of trading in Forex and you will realize that you have been living in a dream world. People often mistook this industry as a place where they can make their dreams come true but hardly know it requires practice and patience. You do not start making a profit when you invest. You lose money, you place trades, you practice in demo accounts and you work on your strategy and ultimately you make a profit.

Economic crisis

Finding the perfect job is really hard. Even after completing your educations from the top class university you need to do a lot of work to secure a good job. But do you really think a traditional day job can secure your financial stability? A major economic event like Brexit can cause a catastrophic loss in the labor field. In other words, it’s very hard to find your dream job which can ensure your financial stability.

But what if you chose to become a Forex trader? Those who have truly learned the proper method of trading can make a decent living out of trading. You don’t have to change your lifestyle to become a successful trader. All you need is strong determination and dedication. If you ask a successful trader in the United Kingdom, how to trade Forex, they will give you a very simple answer. There is nothing fancy about the trading profession. All you need is strict discipline and proper education.

It is to make money and also not to lose the money that you have made

If it sounds like a puzzle, let us tell you that it is actually very simple. What good is your investment if you cannot make money? What good is your profit if you cannot keep it in your account? The first question is in the mind of traders but they do not explore the second questions. The goal of your trading is also to save the money that you have just made. If you have made $10 in your last trade and you are happy, it is a good sign that you are progressing. Imagine you just place another trades and you have lost $20. The profit that you have made just a moment ago is now gone and you have to start from the scratch. This is why the ultimate goal of traders is not to make money, but also to save the reward they have achieved.

Why not only on profit making?

Some smart people will want to know why the goal is making and saving the profit, why not on only one? It is because even if you make a profit by a large amount, without saving themselves from losing, you are a bottomless basket. It does not matter how many eggs you can hold in your baskets if has no bottom. Even all the eggs of the world cannot fill it because it will slip down through the trench. If you have made thousands of profit but losing money at the same time, you will be left up with no money to withdraw at the end. This is why the goal of trading is focused on making a profit and also how to save this profit from being lost. Always think this profession as your business. Never set an unrealistic milestone in the investment industry as it will significantly increase your risk factors. Try to trade with a low risk and follow the market trend to increase your winning edge.

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