The Solar Energy Industry: A Rock Solid Sector for Stock Investors

DATE: May, 5   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola

While traditional fossil fuels still command energy markets worldwide, alternative energies like solar are proving their worth and showing that they’re the energies of the future and the not-so-distant future at that. Markets like Germany’s are showing just how successful solar energy can be even at a nationalized level. The American market is also growing, with Milwaukee electricians, along with many others, installing solar panels on both residential and commercial buildings, helping to boost the green energy network one building at a time. Solar isn’t just for localized sunny niches, and if you aren’t investing in this viable alternative energy, your portfolio may be left in the dark. When you think about investing, look to solar as a way to grow your nest egg, and here’s why.

Investing in the Future

Although various stocks associated with the solar industry have hit a bit of a standstill in the marketplace, most investors still see solar and other alternative energies as the way of the future. Consequently, savvy investors are will be avoiding investment in massive power plants that have a limited lifespan given the changing energy climate. These investors will also be avoiding investing in fossil fuels given the exciting shifts that are occurring worldwide. Stock assets like oil or coal could easily become stranded in portfolios within the next couple decades, so many investors are increasingly optimistic about investing in an energy that is on the rise and is proving its metal as a smart long-term investment.

Furthermore, the global shift towards sustainability and stricter government regulations on carbon emissions are fueling the renewable energy sector’s growth. Much like tax credits for electric vehicles encourage eco-friendly transportation, incentives such as tax breaks and subsidies are making solar energy projects increasingly attractive investments.

Technological progress is improving the solar sector’s prospects even further. Advances in battery technology have transformed the electric car industry, and new innovations in solar energy storage, such as solar batteries in mandurah, could similarly boost solar energy efficiency. You may now ask how is this going to become a possibility. To put it simply, these technologies store excess solar power for use when the sun isn’t shining, much like electric car batteries store energy for longer trips. As they become more affordable and effective, the potential returns on solar investments are expected to increase.

This evolution in the energy market does more than boost financial returns. Like the transition to electric vehicles, it aligns with broader environmental goals, such as reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and curbing climate change. Both shifts reflect a world increasingly committed to sustainable solutions.

Improved Technology

Another excellent reason to invest in solar is because the technology has taken the huge leaps needed to compete successfully with traditional fossil fuels. For decades, solar naysayers asserted that solar was simply too expensive to be able to compete for grid clients who would not want to pay more for a clean energy when fuels like oil, coal, and gas were far cheaper. Now that solar panels and other associated equipment can be manufactured less expensively, solar energy is better able to compete with traditional energies on a large-scale basis.

In addition, solar technology is proving to be outstanding in terms of reliability. Solar panels have greatly improved in performance as have solar energy batteries. To understand how batteries are a driving force within the solar push forward, read this piece on energy storage. With substantial improvements in solar technology, many formerly cautious investors are now looking to solar for its investment potential.

Growth Potential

One of the reasons solar energy witnessed a slump in 2016 is because the market was over-supplied with solar panels to some extent and there was somewhat less demand for solar in China, but stock market experts report that these are merely temporary problems; over the long haul, solar has incredible growth potential. In fact, now is an excellent time to make smart investments in solar. With evidence of market improvements, solar is likely to be very hot within the next year, but as its popularity rises, so too will its prices. Many of the world’s biggest investors are already snapping up solar energy stocks before they’re expected to get pricier.

Institutional Support

Last year, the U.S. extended its support of the Investment Tax Credit for alternative energies. With this support, investors believe they will witness solar installations hit the 2 million mark by the decade’s end. Keep in mind that it took 40 years for the first million. The second million will happen with a couple years because of compelling factors like institutional support. In other parts of the world, governments are supporting, even mandating switches to alternative energies with solar leading the way.

Jobs Creator

Solar energy technology is a strong jobs creator. As industries like coal continue to suffer, solar energy is on the rise in terms of employment. Some experts already say that the same investments in renewable energies lead to more job growth than that same investment made in fossil fuels. Because building solar plants is far cheaper than building coal or nuclear plants, there’s definitely more impetus to move in solar’s direction. While it can be challenging to choose a particular solar stock to invest in, the industry is still a smart investment for people looking at the big picture, which clearly demonstrates that solar is going forward in big ways–and it’s bringing jobs along for the ride.

Savvy investors are looking within the solar industry when deciding where to invest. Some investors are clamoring for stocks associated with solar battery storage while others are looking at innovative solar roof tiles such as those being produced by Elon Musk. Regardless of what type of solar investment you are considering, take the time to research, but don’t miss the investment boat. Now is a great time to snap up deals. With so much potential in solar, now is the time to light up your portfolio with smart solar investments.

Millie Gould shares her thoughts on investment opportunities. She is very excited about the renewable energy field and so mostly focuses her articles on this topic.

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