Timber Frame Airbnb

DATE: Apr, 4   COMMENTS: 0   AUTHOR: Allan Azarola


Whether you were on the road and in town for the night or are on vacation, chances are you’ve looked into Airbnb for a place to stay. Usually a cheaper, more authentic representation of an area, Airbnb provides the perfect formula for those to get a real taste of a place at a decent budget. However, some look to go above and beyond the limits of traditional housing. Some of the listings on Airbnb are downright gorgeous while others are for a quirky experience; regardless, within their database are some very interesting homes that you can rent to truly have a one of a kind experience. Compiled is a list of an array of some of the non-traditional Airbnb listings on the web that you can go ahead and rent before someone else beats you to it!


All across the country Airbnb countless tents that are up for rent for one night to an entire week or more. Often referred to as “glamping,” or glamorous camping, these spots not only offer you a get away from your apartment, but an extremely comfortable camping experience. Depending on the area, these highly equipped tents come with a full to queen size bed, a heater or air conditioner, fireplace, and your very own little camping ground making it a perfect escape from the city. Go hone in on your inner Kerouac and go climb that damn mountain!


Unfortunately Castle Black or Casterly Rock isn’t available for rent yet, however Airbnb has a stronghold of gorgeous castles available to rent all over Europe. Whether you are going to get the feel of a truly medieval castle in Ireland or are looking for a more modern feel with a gorgeous view over the Amalfi Coast in Italy, Airbnb has the right castle to have you feeling like a king or queen. Roam the grand halls and climb the massive towers as you live out your very own anachronistic fantasy. Let’s just hope your time isn’t as bad as Black Knight


With treehouses available that even Pete Nelson would even gawk at, Airbnb has several different kinds of tree houses available. Like a tent in the air, experience the glamping experience in the outdoors. Artfully crafted prepare to be amazed at how far treehouses have come. All of the higher priced tree houses come equipped with electric and plumbing, with some even offering free WiFi. Located primarily in the United States and Eastern Europe, these tree houses deliver all of the accommodations you would find in any regular apartment.

Timber Frame Homes

Timber frame homes make up some of the most gorgeous houses across the country. Luckily, Airbnb has a huge database of timber frame listings to choose from.. Located all over the country, timber homes come at a steep price due to their huge layout, making it possible to house several people in a night. Stay secluded out in the wilderness with acres to explore and experience nature in a home that Thoreau would have never dreamed of building or stay out in the hills of Aspen, where the beer flows like wine, and beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.

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